♥ My Best Friend's Wedding ♥

Can you imagine, your lovely childhood best friend get married??

It happens when actually you're in the time of "ignoring-everything-except-college" moment??

And, hell yeah, they've passed years of togetherness when you're "unfortunately" still chasing a man who never realize that you're exist for him?!

OKAY, here's the answer : I DID IT! I did all of that sentences above . Or for goodness sake, I AM doing it!

First of all I wanna say that OH MY GOD, YAYNESS TO THE TOP, MY BEST FRIEND HAVE ALREADY MARRIED!! And she married a GOOD, PATIENT, WISE & RESPONSIBLE MAN [To Mr. Ribeth Nurvijayanto, you owe me 'thanks' haha :p] . So, to Galih Prakasiwi & Ribeth Nurvijayanto, I'm happy for you :)

I don't even remember the last time I think about 'marriage' since I was super-duper-busy with my works in college . Too young to think about it, maybe . Tet Tot!! Cliche answer!! The truth is that .. I still can't move on & try to look for another man, except "him" & "him" & "him" again *sigh* . It's like he's the one and only man in my mind *standing applause* So sweeet... ;)  ENOUGH!
I keep praying and do something to attract him but, until now, looking from the result, I guess he's still not realizing that I like him *booooo..* . I actually wanna use some sarcastic words here to exactly express my anger and disappointment but, remember that this blog is kind of one of the biggest social media, I doubt my act . Well, maybe I should ask myself about this problem . Maybe I should make a shout-out to my brain, like : "Hello, braaaain! Are you okay if I can't move on? Are you trying to make me die slowly? Second by second? Okaaaay, I hope you enjoy your day & keep making me like this! Ganbatte ne!" . 

HUH! Dammit

Sorry, just wanna make myself calm down . Being the stupidest girl in the world, in my 19th years of my life (almost 20, for the record), that "quite" sucks, if you wanna know . Thank God, I still have my besties to help me & CHEER ME UP . Big hug for them !!! :*

So, here are some of the snaps of the wedding party that had been held on Jan 23rd (on Imlek day) 2012 :D
HAPPY WEDDING! Long last <3
[me, Tia, Ribeth, Galih, Kiki]

Thanks to Kiki who brought a personal photographer a.k.a her newest boyfie :p

Wardrobe : Mannequin dress (that I should wear on #hmjbersatu), Post Mode bolero,
unbranded stocking, mom's purse & necklace

And of course, a pair of vintage shoes from Fladeo :)

I REALLY HATE that "sailormoon" bangs!! Grr~
By the way, the peacock-fan is pretty!

You can see the rest here ^^


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