Christmas Playlist This Year

Last year, I still remember I made a blog post about how many artists cover "THIS CHRISTMAS" song . If you kind of read it again, click here :)
Now, I wanna share about these two CHRISTMAS ALBUMS from two different major divas, MARIAH CAREY & WHITNEY HOUSTON . I started to listen to their Christmas album few weeks ago, while I was just shuffling some KPOP music videos in Youtube . And voila! I fell in love with them!!
I know that they're both just covering old Christmas songs, but I love how they sing it in their own style! Maybe, that's why they've been called "a DIVA" :D
So, though I can't find their album in stores right now (esp in my city), I have saved their youtube links into my Christmas playlist this year . I hope you can enjoy them too! By the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS 2012! God Love each of us forever and ever! HoHoHoooo... ^^v

with Dhini :)
me wearing a tosca blouse from Audi + mommy's vintage skirt 
Christmas party PMK FTP UGM Dec 2oth 2012
with Rumpiix Girls, Dhini, Tyas & Liza 


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