Dear all,
I wanna share a little info about me in a Christmas time like this .
From all songs about Christmas I've ever heard, I really love "THIS CHRISTMAS" song .
Not only from one artist or musician but from various artists version .
And, here some of the videos I found in Youtube!!

1. Chris Brown version :

2. Jamie Foxx version :

3. Ashanti version :

4. Tamia version :

5. Eric Benet version :

6. Vonda Shepard version :

7. Ruben Studdard version :

8. Christina Aguilera version :

9. Jane Monheit version :

10. Corinne Bailey Rae version :

So, once again I wanna say :

PS : - the story + photos behind my Christmas party will be posted soon :)
      - you can find other picture like the one above here :)
        - I do not own the videos :)


My reverend had said to me when the first day I was announced as one of the people who would get baptism on Christmas day, that anything worse could be happened in the time I through the day before getting the baptism on Dec 25th .

And so, it's true! 

Obstacles blocked me on my way to be baptized . I don't know why and how, but I think those are kind of some conditions I must going through, so God knows that one of His child is very very worthy enough to be His servant :) 
Yeah well, the problems are getting bigger each day, but I am sure, in the name of my Lord, JC, nothing should be worried about!! 

Here some of snapshots I took few months ago but forget to be published ..
Latte I ordered in D'cinnamon Bistro

Being an MC on the last session at Retreat PMK FTP . 
Look! Eldwin was caught capturing me too aheey! :p

a beautiful gift from sist Widha.. Thx a lot!!

Menu I ordered at Geronimo Cafe

Strawberry Dorayaki + Ice Cola at Kona Hawaii

On last Sunday, me and my mom went to church and these are what I was wearing ..

Unbranded green flower headband + necklace, Vintage tanks with collar + black cardi,
Friday to Sunday pattern tanks, Hana plum bag, Bluza jeans, Jolie shoes

TALENT show in Madura

Finally I got the photos when I was in Madura with 7 others friends . We were there for participating in Trunojoyo University + FORAGRIN's event called : TALENT, "Trunojoyo Agroindustrial Technology Event" 2011 . We joined the seminar about "jamu" (traditional herbal drink from Indonesia :D), visited the exhibition & was trained by a funny leadership trainer from Unair Surabaya named Mas Adri xD. We also amazed by the beautiful SURAMADU BRIDGE . The newest island-to-island bridge in Indonesia! It stood between Java and Madura Island, along 5.5 kilometers :)
So, here they are the snaps ^^

FORAGRIN teammates :)

Asih, Mbak Rachma & me! Three wonder women from UGM!

SURAMADU at nite! Marvelous! 

Right before we went back to Jogja, it was the last session we joined



Just can't say it in words :') 

Here some pics around East Java, taken when we were in the back-to-Jogja trip :

Thanks God for giving me a chance to join that event . I hope I can give much more contribution to FORAGRIN next !!

all photos credit to : F.K and mas Jati (for the last photo)

God, Please Remind Me to Say 'Thanks'

Just like the tittle above . I really don't know what should I do while facing all the problems in life recently . I just keep waiting that someone or something will make all those happy in the end  . But, the question is  : Why should I wait when I actually understand the problem and know what I supposed to do...?!?!?
I always fell into the same problem .
and those words belong to the same person too :'(
I'm hoping, REALLY REALLY HOPING, we'll meet again SOON!
So please God, until it happens, remind me to say thanks for all of your blessings everyday (´⌣`ʃƪ)

Yesterday, I tried to burst my mood by doing window shopping at AmPlaz with mum . I wore loose tee from Pretty Rown, black short jeans from Beringharjo Market, choco belt from Day or Night, plum hand bag from Hana & Stella wedges from UP :

And at night I went to church . Still with mum & still with the same tops . I just changed the bottom with vintage skirt & Anjani wedges from UP :

Pictures From My Cell Phone

Well, glad to know that I have entered the last month in this year!!!
Say hello to DECEMBER!! Yayness to the top \m/
Can't wait for another adventures God will give to my life ..

So, I would like to share some pictures taken from my  new cell phone (yep! I've turned into the black GM360i series from LG hehe) :
Souvenirs from Madura that I gave to my bestie
Tikus . It's called "clurit" .

The 1st HIMATIPARTY event ... And I was the event coordinator! PROUD

Me & Tikus, before the HIMATIPARTY began ...
Yesterday (Sun, 4 Dec 2011), my family and I went to TAMANSARI FOOD COURT in Ambarrukmo Plaza to have lunch together . Here are some snaps of the food :
Hazelnut Ice Coffee + Egg and Mushroom Sandwich 

Front Image hehehe... Uber-delicious!

My bro chose Banana Blue + Chicken with Cheese from a Japanese Food Outlet



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