Little Chit-Chat

Me and my mum always spend time together every Sunday! Yes, we usually start the day by going to church and then shopping or just having a little chit-chat in cafe or restaurant .
Like we did last week . It became much more special because we were deciding to wear the same color of outfit that nite .
PURPLE! Hahaha~
Look at us!!
I, uhmm, look so tanned! err~

I <3 my muuuuum!

wearing Bluza's ripped-jeans, Mango's purple lace shirt,
UP shoes and Nicolette's necklace

Our dinner menus at Pasta Banget Restaurant!! Yuuuum...
Spaghetti Bolognaise :)

Spaghetti Bolognaise + Frozen Chocoreo!

mum's choice!

Creamy Mushroom!
 On the other day, we went shopping too!!

Last time I wear my sunglasses!
It's broken now :"(

Daisy Days's embellished blouse + vintage skirt +
Sukawati Bali's canvas bag + Flats from my host mum

I <3 Bali & my Hennaaaaa tattoo~

These some misc photos I wanna post too.. Enjoy! :)
My feet (and its footsteps) vs Dream Land's sands

in front of THE 101 HOTEL in Legian

It is not a lux yacht or something . It's PLTU PAITON in Probolinggo, East Java  .
Pretty, right?? ;) *PLTU=Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Uap means Steam Power Plant*

Ayuk's newest nail color!! Toscaaa~

my temporary henna tattoo.. gorgeous!

Delicious strawberry ice cream waffle from Hungry Bear Cafe

My mum & I favorite "late nite snacks" . Yup, J-Co + Coke!!! \m/

One Day Escape to Bali!

HIMATIPA UGM, my department's organization, was receiving a national seminar invitation from Udayana University in Bali last month . And lucky me! I participated on that event which was held 2 weeks ago, of course, in BALI!! ^^
So, me and my 2 friends went there by bus (it took approximately 18 hours! including crossing by ferry), stayed at our friends's (from Udayana) boarding house & felt the excitement of BALI . Though only 2 days (the first one day full for seminar), we were so happy . It was like an escape moment from our busy & tight college schedules! THANK GOD :')
Here are some snaps.. Enjoy!

Day 1 -->
Beautiful sunrise in Ketapang, Banyuwangi  >.<
Bali strait as the background
with Asih, before heading to the seminar venue!
wearing my mom's vintage outfit! haha
Awesome Balinese dancers!
Merak Dance! Yayness to the TOP!
with Mr. Drajad, one of the keynote speakers in seminar
Day 2 -->
In front of KRISNA, one of Bali's most popular souvenir shops
Asih and me in DREAMLAND BEACH..!! Kyaaaa~

with Riska and Novel, new friends from Bali!
Selca time! kkk~
staring at the pretty sunset :D
with a foreign tourist! he's a photographer! LoL
This is a prove how much I love T.I.P
strike a cute pose is a MUST!
Looks like I was in Malioboro Jogja?!?!? #eh
NOOOOO... I was in KUTA SQUARE! take a look at the motorbike's number plate!
(DK for Bali)

in front of the GROUND ZERO (a memorial place for the Bali Bomb's victim)
MEAT LOVER PIZZA .. our dinner menu!
with Anggi (green shirt; Asih's high school friend) and the acoustic band
at Mina's Cafe

Wanna go back there with my family soon ;)

PS : wearing Luna Maya for Hardware's blue tee (in Dreamland beach) ; Daisy Days Boutique's pink embellishment tee (in Kuta-Legian)

Wink wink wink

THANK YOU MY BELOVED OKAASAN, NAOKO KISHI, FOR GIVING ME A CUTE PAIR OF FLAT SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa Kyaaaaaaaaaa I it so much :D

And this is how I wear them ..

And these are some snaps I took last month ..
From Kona Hawaii Galeria Mall -->

Found new bakery side by side with our beloved Peacock Coffeenamed Paris Bakery! As its name, it sells various French Pastries & Bread! -->

At Sagan Huis Coffee Shop -->
Hot Latte
At Celcius Cafe Centro Dept Store Ambarrukmo Plaza -->

My mood booster nowadays -->



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