I'm now in the middle of my 'kerja praktek' or 'jatek' life .
Me and my other 3 friends, Maria, Tikus & Yayas, are living quite far from our hometown in Jogja .
We're moving to CIWIDEY, BANDUNG in West Java for a month since 2 weeks ago and started working in a tea plantation & factory named PTP Nusantara VIII Rancabali Sperata :)
What are we doing here??
Well, mostly we're helping some projects that the factory give to us, and they're not easy to solve :(
But! We're keeping our faith to finish this 'jatek' ON TIME! So, that means still 2 weeks left here!
Anyway, I wanna post some pics from my 'jatek' life..
The place we took as a 'jatek' place is one of the most favorite spots for vacation too in West Java! Here you can find the beautiful SITU PATENGGANG with the BATU CINTA myth, and also the foggy day we were facing almost everyday! Hahahaa.. Thank God, though the average temperature nowadays are 11-18'C, I'm enjoying this 'jatek' :D


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