Holiday Novel ~part 1~

Before the holiday came in the end of January, I have done preparing some stuff to be read . Well, you never know when you will have enough time to spend just by laying down on your bed, accompany by a cup of coffee or ice tea and ... reading a book you've waited to be read!! HOHOHO...

So, I did .

US version 

I bought a novel . Meg Cabot's "QUEEN OF BABBLE" . It's the 1st book of the "Queen of Babble" series . The story is so simple . About a twenty-something TALKATIVE (this word is kind of the "key" or central point in this story) woman who desperately in love with her boyfriend until she revealed the truth about him . And she flied thousand kilometers to London just to find her "doom" . Until her very-best-friend saved her life by giving her a chance to make-up the summer holiday in a France castle named Chateau Mirac (sorry I can't find the symbol tools) & meet the new-love-of-her-life .

And, oh, I find an interesting website for you who loveeeeeee reading book (especially novel), here :

there you can find million (I think) titles of novel you may have or want to be read . 

If you ask me what is the best activity to do when you're in a holiday.. I obviously will say :
Because it won't cost you much money, right? ehehehe ^^v

PS: now, I'm on my way to finish "Queen of Babble" 2nd book called : In The Big City -->

US version


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