Some Forgotten Pics

These are some of my photos that haven't been uploaded yet . 

was taken after hanging out with #odonk at FLO :)

new blouse from De Dress Boutique!!

rayban glasses, vintage midi skirt, goldie wedges from Jolie, Hana plum bag

It was taken after I attended my first TIP 2010 "buber", back in the fasting month in August .
Because it was the day before Indonesia's 66th anniversary so I decided to take snaps
with the Flag :)

headband - Jolie, red knit cardi & leopard dress - Buti,
black flats - Centro

The Zoo-Visitor

Friday, Sept 2nd, my aunt and her family came to Jogja . My brother & I asked them to visit Jogjakarta's the one and only zoo, GEMBIRA LOKA . It has been a loooooong time ago since my last visit to that zoo . I think almost ten years ago! whatthehell
So, these are some snaps I took there :)

in front of "orang utan" cage

Tapir . An indigenous Indonesian animal 

The Snake Queen . Naaaagiiiiniii . Hehehe

Dear deer

Ghea (my little cousin) and I 

Desi Ratna Susi, the name of the orang utan :)

She doesn't want me to go, hahaha

Cute parakeet 

Wanna know more about Gembira Loka zoo?? Click here!! xD

What I wear?
Vintage tanks, love necklace and jeans . White cardi from my auntie . Hana plum shoulder bag . Rayban red sunglasses .

BeBeStar Advertisement

Currently in love with this BEBESTAR 2011 COMMERCIAL :)
Especially the last little girl who sings : "Sounds I can like move, move, moveee... and maybe I can flyyyy.."
Ahhh~ ADORABLE! *nosebleed*
And the second one who dances with a CUTE ANIMAL HAT!! Great belly dance performance!!
One day, my child must do the same thing like them .
Ehm,. NO NO NO, my child should be better! Hehehehe *wink*

A Family Portrait

God has given me quite tough problems in this few weeks . But, everything will be fine if you always trust HIM & have faith! It all happened to me and my family . There's a miracle God sent through my prays . I never doubt His strength . Because from it, I still alive and move on . Beside that, you should put your trust in some people outside your family . Who are they? They are the true supporters in your life . People who have known your good and bad side . People who seek for you when you can't be contacted . People who worried you the most .... They're called BEST FRIENDS . And because of that, I should put them into my family list too ^_^

These are some of pics that me and my family took when we came into the family gathering to celebrate Ied Al-Fitr few weeks ago .

Fireworks 1

Fireworks 2
at my granddad's graveyard . I kinda miss him

altogether -- three different generations from two different families 

the grandchildren rule

the girls grandchildren!

my beloved family + my grandma!

What I wear?
Maxi dress from NY Galleria . Vintage black short sleeves cardigan . RayBan red sunglasses . Carvil gladiator sandals . Hana plum purse .


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