What a Surprise?!

Well, I was tired when finally I back to my house again after three days locked (wew, too harsh) in Omah Jawi for a retreat event .
bbbBUT ..
when I was ready to lay my body to the bed, I heard my mum called me and said : "Gangga, this morning Naoko sent you something AGAAAIIINN.. !!" . Between shocked and curious, I ran out from my bedroom to the living room's table where the package had been put . And,, VOILA!! these were what I'd got :

a greeting's card, a 2011 japanese calendar, a small mirror, a lip balm from Osaka and chopsticks with its cover ^^

.. and also a MAGIC CHRISTMAS TREE, special hand made from JAPAN!
It was just a brown paper that its shape looked like branches of a tree like this -->
in only ONE DAY it turned into a tree like this -->

Thanks to Okaasan, Naoko, who sent me those unbelievable Christmas gifts .
I U :* 

Agritech Retreat 2010

Last week, on 17-19th December 2010, me and all my friends (not all exactly) went to OMAH JAWI villa in Kaliurang to hold a RETREAT :)
So, shortly, on that three days I've got a great memories . I got to know my new sisters and brothers in "Persekutuan Mahasiswa Kristen" Faculty of Agriculture Technology Gadjah Mada University
The activities from outbound, KKR, SaTe, all session made me felt grateful for having a new family there .
Although what I've expected with "him" was not happened but I really excited in every session . Waited what will happen next . All became so crazy (paskah, olando, yadauw, cs) & the other were so religious (ka risa, ka fanny, ka anggi, ka yudhis cs)~!
And the best part was when the TALENT SHOW session ^^v
Me and my teammates, as the freshmen, became the first performer and we sang four traditional songs and also danced :)
Then came the 2nd performer, the class of  2007. They read a poetry in three different languages. Javanese (ka evan), Batak (ka agus), & Nias (ka ajay). Class of 2008 played a drama called "Malin Kundang met Jesus" and that was sooooooo "unbelievable" ! hahaha..
Next we got class of 2009 who acted too. But the story was about "The Missing Son & His Father" in a modern way. They played hilariously! I couldn't stop laughing and laughing watched Paskah (he's the main actor) cs acted with "innocent" face!! wakawakaaa e e *rollsrolls
The last performer was class of 2006 and above. The seniors section. They sang a song from Bondan feat Fade 2 Black, Kita untuk Selamanya. Very good *marvelousindeed

Back to my problem.
I didn't know why and how the distraction ruined the good times when we were together but THE TRUTH WAS he looked like went away from me without an unthinkable reason! Did I do something wrong?? I still don't get it until NOW! Was that because our "twin cell-phone chains"?? Was thaaaaaaaaattt..?!?!
Oh my goodness.. If it's all because he was embarrassed with that problem then FORGIVE ME :"(
I didn't realise that you were such a swing-moody person. Once you told you didn't wanna come to retreat event because of "something". Then you said yes, you wanted to come to retreat because of "something". And after all conditions, we got there and you turned your SILENCE MODE ON.. 
There was a man. I didn't know him so well until retreat came. He's the one made my day after knowing the coldness of b**** to me :\ 
This man joked me and said a lot of silly things about everything in me. First, I felt he was annoying but I realize that if he wasn't saying like that I wouldn't forget the pain I got and all of the miserable hopes which blew away~! So, one word for that man, THANKS ^__^v

Check the photos of my retreat's happiness here

Church-ing in Style

Dear all,
wanna know what I was wearing last Sunday when I went to church with my mum and window-shopped around Gejayan??
This is it =)
Skirt and bag are vintage from my mum, white long sleeves tee was auntie's
Maybe I'll post my fashion style every Sunday like this . Because only on Sunday I can do an experiment with my fashion taste ..

xoxo ♥

My SS Collage . . .

SS Collage --> Super Special Collage!!
It's all about what I wanna be, what I wanna have, and what I wanna get.. few years from NOW :D
So, please check them out :)
the upfront images

words that represent ME!

Made by me with full of  ♥

Never be truer~!

Amen ;)

Olsen twins are my exactly role mode in business

ehehehee.. bruum bruum

Deyn, Kidman, & Jolie-Pitt = ME in entertainment & social life !

TARRAAA, this is it.. the FAB ARTWORK of MINE ^^

By the way, SS means Success Skill . 
The event was sponsored by my faculty so I SHOULD JOINED  it.
But, at least, it gave me some enlightenment for MY SHINY-BRIGHT FUTURE  . .

"Expecting won't make your dreams come true . Start doing now, then you can reach what is exactly yours since the first time you born!"



I met you as a stranger or maybe an enemy at the first time .
I have adored your smile and your sympathy .
And I knew that a lot of girls were chasing you .
It didn't matter .
I was trying to be a good and tolerant secret-admirer .

But then, you came deeper into my life because that unpredictable incident .
I was sick and yeah, the pain was killing me that time .
And from all of the people there who helped me to keep breathing,
why it should be you who got to take a risk to carry me on your back?!?!

From that moment I know you're such an ANGEL! hahaa
Too much?? Yeah, but that's the truth!
Many girls around look for your attention, but me? I don't need to!
YES! because you have known me more than just another girl, haven't you?

You know what?
You are the 1st guy who wanna help me from that suffering sick (I don't want to mention its name) by a piggy-ride-back . The others maybe just offered me with oxygen can or medicines .
And although I was so embarrassed until forgot to say thanks, believe me,

By the way, I'm not the girl you are searching for .
I realize . We have a differentiation on what we trust .
But, I won't let it be the one that can ruin our relationship .

There's always be a SPACE FOR YOU deep down in my heart ♥

Hoping God let me see your smile everyday ..


a quote of the day

"Take time to rest and recharge, as it's very nearly time for a big, exciting change."  
ball of loves


Kecap, saus, sirup, serta aneka kue basah maupun kering merupakan jenis-jenis bahan konsumsi yang akrab dalam kehidupan masyarakat sehari-hari. Pada makanan atau minuman itu biasanya terkandung pemanis. Sering kali masyarakat kurang menyadari apakah pemanis yang ada dalam bahan konsumsi itu aman bagi kesehatan atau tidak. Padahal, tidak sedikit dari makanan atau minuman tersebut menggunakan pemanis buatan yang notabene membahayakan kesehatan. Demi menghindari efek negatif dari pemanis buatan, seyogyanya masyarakat kembali ke alam alias mengonsumsi makanan dan minuman yang dibuat dari gula asli. Salah satu jenis pemanis natural itu ialah gula dari pati-patian (starch sweetener).

Gula aren atau sering juga disebut gula merah merupakan salah satu jenis starch sweetener. Gula aren kerap diasosiasikan pula dengan segala jenis gula yang dibuat dari nira, yaitu cairan yang dikeluarkan dari bunga pohon keluarga palma, seperti kelapa, aren, dan siwalan. Salah satu jenis tanaman yang masuk keluarga palma ialah pohon enau (Aranga pinnata). Tanaman itu memiliki akar yang kuat dan menjalar ke mana-mana.  Selain menghasilkan nira sebagai bahan baku gula aren, enau memberikan banyak manfaat bagi manusia. Beberapa di antaranya ialah buahnya dapat dibuat kolang-kaling sebagai campuran makanan atau minuman, serta ijuknya untuk resapan air, dibuat sapu atau alas lantai (keset).

Pohon enau yang sudah berusia 15 sampai 20 tahun dapat menghasilkan nira sebanyak 8 liter per hari dan 25 sampai 35 kilogram kolangkaling. Namun, pada umumnya pohon enau tidak disukai petani, sebab akarnya menjalar ke manamana sehingga merusak tanaman di sekitarnya. Biasanya pohon tersebut tumbuh dan berkembang biak dengan baik di hutan-hutan. Gula aren yang dihasilkan dari enau berasal dari bunga (mayang) yang belum mekar. Bunga tersebut diikat kuat, terkadang ditekan dengan dua batang kayu pada bagian pangkalnya sehingga proses pemekaran pun terhambat. Sari makanan yang seharusnya dipakai untuk memekarkan bunga akhirnya menumpuk menjadi cairan gula, dan bunga pun membengkak. Setelah proses pembengkakan berhenti, batang mayang diiris-iris untuk mengeluarkan cairan gula secara bertahap. Cairan biasanya ditampung dengan timba yang terbuat dari daun pohon palma tersebut. Cairan tersebut kemudian diambil secara bertahap, biasanya dua hingga tiga kali pengambilan. Setelah itu cairan dipanaskan dengan api sampai mengental. Apabila sudah benar-benar kental, cairan dituangkan ke mangkuk-mangkuk yang terbuat dari daun palma. Gula pun siap dipasarkan. 

Secara umum, pemanis yang terbuat dari nira aren terbilang alami dan organik karena diproduksi tanpa memakai zat kimia sintetis maupun pewarna buatan. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute, diketahui bahwa gula aren memiliki kandungan makro nutrien yang lebih banyak daripada madu dan gula tebu. Selain itu, gula aren mengandung nitrogen, klorida (Cl), sulfur, dan boron yang tidak dimiliki pemanis lainnya. Secara alamiah, gula aren yang biasanya digunakan untuk pemanis pada kecap memiliki Index Glycemic (GI) yang rendah. Hal itu menunjukkan gula aren aman dikonsumsi oleh pengidap diabetes atau efektif untuk menurunkan berat badan :)

Produk yang memakai gula aren lainnya adalah dodol, apem, klepon, wajik, cucur, lupis, cendol, dan aneka jenis kolak. Bahkan meminum gula aren yang dilarutkan dalam air putih merupakan kebiasaan yang umum di desa. Minuman ini memiliki kelebihan, selain menimbulkan tenaga, juga dapat menghilangkan sakit pinggang dan pegal-pegal. Kalau ditambahkan batu es, rasanya tambah sedap.

These are some products made from "palm sugar" :

So, the point is, PALM SUGAR could be the next alternative for agroindustry!! v^o^v

You Can't Play on Broken Strings :') -- Part II

This is the complete lyrics of James Morrison feat Nelly Furtado, Broken Strings . Enjoy :*

Let me hold you
For the last time
It's the last chance to feel again
But you broke me
Now I can't feel anything

When I love you

It's so untrue
I can't even convince myself
When I'm speaking
It's the voice of someone else

Oh it tears me up

I tried to hold but it hurts too much
I tried to forgive but it's not enough
To make it all okay

You can't play on broken strings

You can't feel anything
That your heart don't want to feel
I can't tell you something that ain't real

Oh the truth hurts

And lies worse
I can't take it anymore
And I love you a little less than before

Oh what are we doing

We are turning into dust
Playing house in the ruins of us

Running back through the fire

When there's nothing left to say
It's like chasing the very last train
When it's too late

Oh it tears me up

I tried to hold but it hurts too much
I tried to forgive but it's not enough
To make it all okay

You can't play on broken strings

You can't feel anything
That your heart don't want to feel
I can't tell you something that ain't real

Oh the truth hurts

And lies worse
I can't take it anymore
And I love you a little less than before

But we're running through the fire

When there's nothing left to say
It's like chasing the very last train
When we both know it's too late

You can't play on broken strings

You can't feel anything
That your heart don't want to feel
I can't tell you something that aint real

Oh the truth hurts

And lies worse
I can't take it anymore
And I love you a little less than before
Oh and I love you a little less than before

Let me hold you for the last time

It's the last change to feel again

Okay, now the question is, why am I posting this lyrics??
The answer is simple and cliche . 
Because the lyrics REALLY HAPPEN to me few days ago!! 
Yep, I was down after knowing something that hurts my heart a lot . And of course made me shocked . But, once again I thanked God for giving me strength who came from my best friends :")

Like The Love Stories said on Twitter : "No matter who broke your heart, or how long it takes to heal, you’ll never get through it without your friends."

If you wanna listen to the song and download it, click this

Hope you won't ever become a brokenhearted woman/man ^^v ..

You Can't Play on Broken Strings :')

Lirik lagu yang lagi demen singgah di kuping saya saat ini : .. the truth hurts .. and lies worse .. What are we doing now?? .. We are turning into dust .. Because you can't play on broken strings .. (James Morrison feat Nelly Furtado -- Broken Strings)


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