Cellphone Pictures Time

These are photos I took from my LG Cookie's 5 MP Camera hehehe x) Enjoy!

First.. food & beverages :
Spaghetti Bolognaise -- Solaria Ambarrukmo Plaza

Ndoro Kakung Ambarrukmo Plaza


Warung Pasta

Soto Sokaraja + Hot Tea at Dicky's house in Ungaran .
PS: his mom made this special for us! How sweeeet..

Merry Sundae by Pizza Hut

Coffee Float & Frappucinno (the best frap ever..!) by Snap Cafe

Bak Pao at X.O

Family special lunch on Jan 17th 2012, celebrated my parents' 21st wedding anniversary ^^ .
We went to X.O Dim Sum Restaurant in Ambarrukmo Plaza :

Miscellaneous :

Say Hi to my feet-mates : JOYO!!!

Hedonism attacks !! hahaha

In front of Baiturrahman Mosque in Semarang

Semarang City at night! Viewed from Gombel . Pretty!

Vintage wardrobe I prepared for #HMJBersatu .
But, the dress failed to be worn :(

Break time, in the middle of #HMJBersatu event! Really exhausted but FUN :)

My name tag :)

The Fab Artwork Photo Corner Wall made by the committees of #HMJBersatu !!
... There's always a story behind each photo XD


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