KKN : What A Life!

Nothing can describe my KKN life . It was once in a lifetime experience and yeaaah, I was happy being a part of it . Even though,  there were lots of slacks and problems between each personnel, but, the essence of KKN and the chemistry of living together for almost 2 months absolutely left mark on the journey of my life . It wasn't only just a learning method, but it also helped creating a better me in the future . What can I say? Such a precious and one of the greatest moments of my college life~ At least,  I have more than enough of memorable stories to tell to my kids someday, like my mom always told me before about her amazing KKN life :) Thank God!

Here it is, a short memoir that I made during my days in KKN . Fyi, I was living in TELUK KOMBAL, PEMENANG BARAT, WEST NUSA TENGGARA . It was located in the eastern of Bali and there were many tourism spots especially beautiful beaches which offered not only the adorable panoramas but also the hidden secret of tranquility life.. Enjoy..


It's full of hopes, it's full of dreams
It's far from strange, it's one of a kind
as far as the eyes can see..

Call me pathetic, 
I let you "boo" at me,
One thing should be confessed,
this far place echoes a sound of family,
and hard work, 
and friendship, 
and love..

Little deeper I see,
little deeper I feel,
yet, speechlessly it goes out
shame on me if I'm not telling...

that my Teluk Kombal is whispering..

Rainbow may disappear, 
after the sun stops portraying
to the raindrops that falling

Shout out to the butterflies, who fly and fly, 
far away to the sky
Look for once, but please not a glance..

that my Teluk Kombal records the same

Yes, it's full of hopes,
yes it's full of dreams
Definitely far from strange, 
Infinitely one of a kind..

my Teluk Kombal says "Hi" and the story will never END 

as far as the eyes can see..

(@ggaharunni, 130814 02:11AM)

How's your KKN life guys??? *wink*


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