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This post will be very special because I decided to put something new into my blog . Yep, an article! Not just a usual article, the article I post contains information from my favorite country after Indonesia (haha). It's Japan . I will use the hash tag #JAPPOST for any article related to Japan that I post here . So for you who like to read some trivia from this country, you can now find it here on my blog . And not just stop right there, I need you who read this post to make your own point of view or statement after you read the article . It will be started with my own opinion of course, then you can share what you thought below on the comment box . Come on read this article and let's start the discussion! 
PS : In case you are asking, this article is made by "someone" who knows Japan very well ;)

40% of Japanese University Students Don’t Read Book

            I want to ask the university students, how long do you spend time to read book in one day? I guess you spend much time to prepare for classes or to enjoy studying of what you are interesting of. The truth is, for me, I think books are one of the must important items for university students like us.
            However, some of Japanese students apparently don’t agree with my opinion. According to the co-op of universities in Japan, 40% of Japanese university students answered “0” when they asked about the length of the time they spent to read book in one day. The co-op asked this kind of question to 30 national and private universities students. Overall, the average answer is 26.9 minutes. People sometimes say Japanese university students don’t study hard, but I guess this result lets many Japanese people to realize more about it again.
            According to “YOMIURI ONLINE”, an online-based news which is managed by Yomiuri shimbun, one of the most famous newspaper companies in Japan, co-op of university said “it’s the rank of reading books as amusement and culture that falls among society nowadays, that’s because students thought they could get information easily just by their smart phones. And books became the target of saving money.”
            “Saving money” is the most important problem among many university students all over the world. Maybe you will surprise as I say that Japanese students are in the difficult situation about money especially. According to Benesse, which is one of the most popular educational service companies, the expense of a national university student is ¥535,800 each year, which means ¥2,143,200 for four years in college. In private university, the expense depends on its major, but the average is about ¥3,600,000 - ¥5,000,000 for four years. Moreover, students who live alone (in a college dorm or apartment) need more money for their living expenses.
            The lack of non-refundable scholarships distress Japanese students more. It’s really difficult to get. According to the research of Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), 52.5% of undergraduates make a scholarship leasing of JASSO, universities and so on. Many students use the scholarship of JASSO because it’s easy to get, but JASSO actually doesn’t provide non-refundable scholarship. So, in the future students have to pay the scholarship money they took before. Even some students should pay back the money with some interest included.
            In short, Japanese university students have difficult financial problem. However, in my opinion, that's what makes reading book becomes important. You know there are many libraries where the students can lend books without buying them, right? From there, their reading time will increase and from books they may pass selection in a job hunting then get good job. Even so, if their grades improve because of studying hard by reading books, they may get non-refundable scholarships too somewhere. Well above all, the best advantage of reading books is that we will get much more knowledge to enrich our life.
            So, just go to a book store before saying reading books isn’t interesting. I’m sure you can find books which match with your interests or hobbies. Let’s start to read books!! ^^v


                Ok guys, does it sound similar with what happen with us here in Indonesia? We, as university students, also have to save our money and sometimes we spend money more for our living expenses like eat, “kost” (for the students who come from other cities) and internet, beside the college tuition fees. We do spend money on entertainment or leisure activities too like holiday, watching movies on theatre with friends, watching concert, jalan-jalan and buying stuff. But, is book already become part of our compulsory academic consumption or just another entertainment addition?      
            Personally, I love reading. I started to read anything (yep, literally anything caught my eyes) when I was around 3 or 4 years old. Then I continued with reading kids magazines called “BOBO” (yeaaayyyy..), manga and story books. Until now, I still read these 2 kind of books : magazine and story book, which now turns into a novel or fiction. The problem in the article above is more into why the university students seem “lazy” to buy and read books everyday, even though they know the advantages of reading books. Frankly, I also not so often to buy educational books or literatures related to  my major or any general knowledge books. Some of my friends also do the same. I think if the books don’t have such an urgency to be read (like, in this time, we read more books to help maintain our thesis or final research), university students feel that they don’t have to buy it.  Or maybe if the books only have a short term advantages, like its only for helping the literature study of their research, and wont be read again in the future, they don’t have to buy too. Lend from university’s library is enough J.
            So, it can be said that money for books is mostly being spent into “entertainment” kind of book, such as magazines, novel, fiction, non-fiction story, motivational book, tabloid, manga and so on. And the total money the students spend for buying those kind of books is different from one to another. For me, because I live with my parents, I also read newspaper almost everyday. Why almost? Because if I don’t have time to read, I browse news online hehehe. Like nowadays, I like following some international newspaper online. Not only to know the news globally from all over the world, but I also learn English from reading it. Sometimes I browse for international TV program too to improve my English listening skill. You can also try to do it ya ;)
            Here I give you links to some of the online newspapers and international TV program that I usually read, listen and watch :D
- Online Newspaper :
   AJW by The Asahi Shimbun, The Japan News by The Yomiuri Shimbun, The Japan Times, Nikkei Asian      Review, The Guardian UK, The Huffington Post, The New York Times & The Economist.
- Online TV Program :
   Channel Japan by Nikkei-TBS Smart Media
And just in case you dont wanna lose any latest news and information from those media above, just give them your thumb (like! like!) on their facebook page.

This is the end of my first #JAPPOST. Please give your thought below or go into my facebook status where I link this post. See you in the next #JAPPOST v^o^v

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Febria Setiana said...

me, manga mostly! if you ask bout my book preference, and if manga counted as book :P
but i'm not that 'reading type' anyway to begin with, maybe..what is it, 'watching type'? hahaha i prefer book that have more pictures on it :D
it's not financial problem in my case. buying is always the last choice if we can't get it anywhere (textbook case).
so i don't know, maybe it depends on the person itself, their preference, or even the 'book' we are talking about.

Progresif Kontributif Sinergis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gading Gaharunni said...

hey Pebi! I agree that it depends on the person preferences nee . btw how often do you buy manga every month? is there any particular manga you collect personally?

Febria Setiana said...

well. makoto san, ohayou! ^^ nice article dayo.

i like alot of manga dayo, but i don't have much money. so maybe this is when the financial problem occur in me. :p
buying books is something i rarely do. i just rent, or even borrow it from friends :B
once, just once i did buy manga monthly. it's eyeshield21. do you know it?

Mega N Pratiwi said...

I love reading books, especially novel and fiction. I have some novels and books. Because I love fiction and adventure, almost the books I have are tells about it. Before I buy a book, I always do some research about that book. I read the synopsis of that book, the review from people that have read it, and I'll more interest to buy it if that book have archived some awards. SO, when you want to buy some books, but you have some financial problem, maybe you have to do what I do. You'll buy only the book that you really really really really want read, so you're not wasted your money.

My English written skill isn't good enough, I'm sorry if I make many mistakes.

Gading Gaharunni said...

Hi again Pebi! It's Gading.
Umm, I dont think he likes such a manga like that hahaha lol. If you mention "Anything You Must Know about Economic Development Country", yes, he probably knows more :p

And halo Meg! Another Arsenal fan! haha. Thanks for the useful tips. I also do research first especially about novel I'm going to buy to make sure my money will be used for the right ones.

ciptaning cahyaningrum said...

Halo everyone, i prefer textbook to ebook. Bcause i can read it again when i want. And information in the textbook more trusted.
Ehh is it serious that japanese student have financial problem? How about parttime, i heard we can get a lot of money :)

Gading Gaharunni said...

Thank you mbak Cip for making a comment here! Textbook wa has more trusted information deshou? Got it ;)

well, it did surprised me too about the financial problem the Japanese students has . but I guess it's the fact . that's why they do "arubaito" or "part time job" . But I will hold that topic into our next #jappost article maybe . Just wait! haha . Anyway, thanks!

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