My (kind of) Harry Potter Trivia

HALO Readers~
Let me tell you .
I am a huge fan of Harry Potter! Seriously!
Harry Potter movies were my childhood-to-teenager life theme . I never missed to watch it on movie theater . But I'm not that kind of fan who likes to collect any HP merchandises . I only own all its 8 movies, 5 novels from the 3rd one to last (because I had watched the first 2 installments then I felt if I read the 1st and 2nd book after that then it would be useless), some free posters from magazines and an imitation of Voldemort's magic wand ;)

I was re-watching the whole HP movies again and still getting the same feeling like when I was first watching it . They never fail to amaze me . Every scenes was important to me and I even thought what should I wore, with my own clothes, if I were Hermione hahaha lol . They were, are and always will be my favorite movies of all time ^^v

So these are my kind of HP trivia, which is made from my point of view . This trivia points are made in no particular order .
  • I found it was a sexy young-adult voice Daniel Radcliffe had in the 'Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret', hehe .
  • Always remember Bonnie Wright's first line on Harry Potter, and it was 'Good luck' (my future hubby... - if I can add it lolol) .
  • Hermione Granger only wore casual costume once  in the 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', it was when she accompanied Harry and Ron looked for the stone . And also once in the 'Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret', when she was in the Diagon Alley .
  • I liked how Mr. Weasley's react when his wife told him that three of his sons flew the flying car over Surrey to free Harry . "Did you really?.... How'd it go?" lololol .
  • I thought it was a clever idea when Harry mis-pronounced "DIAGON ALLEY' became 'DIAGONALLY'!
  • Both the first and second movie were directed by same director, Chris Columbus, and I felt he made it darker, gloomy, witch-ish than any other directors after him .
  • "Celebrity is as celebrity does." - Gilderoy Lockhart in the 'Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret' .
  • Still wondering how the audience made a 'fast climb' to watch the Quidditch match in those high spectator seat . Especially when Hermione moved from her seat to Snape who jinxed Harry in the 'Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone' . Snape's seat obviously across from Hermione's .
  • Vipera Evanesca was the prettiest charm in my opinion . I could possibly imagine if it was someone's name . (Mrs. Evanesca?? | Just call me Vipera ^^)
  • 'Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban' was the first one who seemed much more enlighten and not-so-dark feeling anymore with that Buckbeak the Hippogriff,  Boggart, Prof Trelawney's classroom and the day-outdoor scenes . Finally I could imagine clearly how was Hagrid's hut looked like .
  • In the 'Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban', it was Seamus Finnigan stood behind Ron Weasley when they were making line at Lupin's Boggart class . But he 'vanished' as Parvati was the one who was called after Ron .
  • From 4 directors of Harry Potter, I like Alfonso Cuaron with his 'Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban' the most . In 3rd installment there was many new things created for the movie, and I liked these things = Dementors, Buckbeak, the Boggart scene, the time turner scene and the Marauder's Map! Too bad Cuaron didn't continue into the next series .
  • Marauder's Map was the most creative thing in Harry Potter . I wish I can have it for real!
  • In the movie, neither Lupin or Sirius told the truth to Harry about the Marauder's Map, which was their invention along with James and Peter .
  • I really like the boys' 70's-Beatles-ish hairstyle in the 'Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire' .
  • The 4th installment movie released when I was in Junior High and I remembered that time I was in love with RobPatz hahaha and there were one of my friends who was admiring Viktor Krum . No school days left without talking about them that time!
  • I can't imagine if the Quidditch World Cup is real!
  • I couldn't hide my 'disappointment' when the actress who played Cho was being announced officially to public . Well, knowing she would be Harry's 1st gf so I think it was not only me who had this kind of thought hahaha lol!
  • Yule Ball seemed fun .
  • With the main plot story on the Triwizard tournament with those extremely magical sets and scenes, director Mike Newell visualized them very very very well . But again, unfortunately he didn't continue to work on the next installment .
  • I wish I have my own Pensieve so I can re-watch all of my unforgettable memories in my life haha .
  • 'Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix' has the most ear-catching orchestra scoring soundtrack in my opinion . I never paid attention into any musical instruments like the scoring as back sound out of the movies before, but I had to admit that the HP5 scoring music was amazing . Best of the best from all other HP OSTs . From the 'Flight of The Order of The Phoenix', 'Professor Umbridge' to my most favorite one, 'The Firework'! Thanks to Nicholas Hooper!
  • Always have 'goosebumps' every time watching the Weasley scene on 'Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix' . Love the visualisation, the music, the act, all!
  • I really hate Prof. Umbridge character for real until few months after watching the movie for the first time . Imelda Staunton played her role very well and not to mention her character which reminded me with one of my 'beloved' teacher in high school hohoho .
  • Three of my favorite senior actresses in Harry Potter series were Maggie Smith, Imelda Staunton and Emma Thompson . And there were a scene when Prof Trelawney was fired by Umbridge in the hall watched by all students and then Prof McGonagall came to comfort Prof Trelawney . I liked it because all those three actresses were my favorite, inside and outside the HP series .
  • According to Ministry of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, Sirius' real name was 'the notorius-mass-murderer-Sirius-Black' .
  • As how the HP5's soundtrack sounded good but when it came to the battle of death eaters vs the order of the phoenix members until the battle of Dumbledore vs Voldemort, there was no music at all . Which was good because the audience could focus watching the scenes and that was why I realized the death scene of Sirius was sooo fast, just right after he said a compliment to Harry (whom he accidentally mis-caught as James -- "nice one James!") .
  • The death of Dumbledore is the most emotional scene I ever felt in this movie series T_T .
  • In the 'Harry Potter and The Half-blood Prince', Prof Snape finally got his dream came true to teach The Defense Against The Dark Arts class . But unfortunately no Snape's teaching scene out in the movie!
  • 'Harry Potter and The Half-blood Prince' turned into more drama and dilemma .
  • The first kiss scene of Harry and Cho? Yeah . I hate it hahahaha .
  • It was painful seeing Hermione use the Memory Charm to her parents . Making yourself never exist . 
  • In the book, Cho was told that she was older than Harry . But in the movie she turned to be at the same age with Harry . Because we could see her in the last battle, she was still there as a Hogwarts student . 
  • Even though the last book already splitted into 2 parts, it still wasn't telling all stories into the scenes . Like, no scene revealed that Potter family was the descendants of Ignotus Peverell, whose in the book was told to be the one of three brothers who tried to deceive death and got invisible cloak as a gift from death . That was why Harry got the invisible cloak from his father, because Ignotus inherited the cloak to his son and he inherited to the next descendants . The story about Grindelwald was also not being told enough . I was quite dissatisfied with the last movie because of these . In the book, the story of how the 'deathly hallows' was actually real became my favorite . It was sooo clever to think about those complicated plot . Rowling was (and is) indeed genius .
Well, that's all from me . If among the readers are also HP fan, please let me know which scenes you like/hate/confusing/upsetting/memorable the most below in the comment . Or maybe just some opinions you wanna share to me about Harry Potter :)

"Cause I was a muggle, until my wand chose me at Ollivanders." 


Andamdewiiii said...

Gadiiinggg!!! You still remember every part of the film ya. Awesome haha!
Invisible Cloak, Marauder's Map, I agree with you that there are soooo many quirky things that I really want in the story.
But a bit different from you, I felt more emotional when Sirius died rather than Dumbledore! Sirius is the only Harry Potter's family in the world.. how could Rowling made him dead!!!!! Felt so sad when red the book :'( Omaigaaaad, I wish Rowling made him alive again.. but, nothing happened haha!!!!
And for Cho Chang, are you remember than it was a rumour than BOA Kpop actress will be the cast? I totally not agree!!
But then, Katie Leung is not that bad sih.. she played the role well.
Till now, still wishing that they (Dan, Emma, Rupert, and Tom!) will play together in one movie hahahaa. Hopefully!!! :333333

Gading Gaharunni said...

ohhh really? I didnt know there was a rumour about BoA as Cho (since I hated Cho's character, she stole Harry's first kiss! lololol)! Yeaaaah let's pray they 4 will meet again on same set ><

Andam Dewi said...

Yeaaaah BoA was the rumour! Actually they still play movie but not together right?? Ahhh you make me wanna read the novel again Gadinggg wkwkkk

Gading Gaharunni said...

USJ is definitely my number one on my place-to-go list if I can visit Japan again :))

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