Hey, long time no see!
Who? Yes, YOU!
Seven years without any news and suddenly you appeared in front of me last Monday .
I thought you forgot me . 
But then I knew you're not by asking : "rumahmu masih di jalan wonosari, Ding?" (your home is still in Wonosari street, Ding?) .. and that was surprised me :D
Nothing has changed . If I can frankly say: you are still charming .
With that hat . Yes, your favorite accessories .
Fyi, when you came to that event I giggled . 
I never imagined you showed up again . 
Seven years isn't a short of time . 
I had met a lot of men, and I never thought, in any chance, of going to meet you again .
Call me silly, but you were the first one who introduced me to a feeling called 'love' .
Maybe because a night before I met you, I watched a touchy Thai movie called : Crazy Little Thing Called .. Love .. hahaha 
After that, I never realized your younger sister has ever connected with me too! 
You told me about your family and study in our way back to your house that nite . 
We were riding my 'opink' .

So, S.U, don't you know that I miss you like, forever?? :* 

#NCC10 Play Time at Alun-Alun Kidul Jogjakarta

When? >> Saturday night, Aug 13th 2011 
Who?  >> NCC10 (tonki, mell, ipat, luvi., dinda, aji, danny, and me)

main photo!! 8 people in one "unique vehicle" xoxo

have just arrived!

Sasono Hinggil Dwi Abad~

Envy with this pic >_<

the minis!! ahhaha

I'm wearing vintage jeans top & polka midi skirt,
Carvil's gladiator sandals, mum's necklace & bag

Mell's trying to make Dinda smile! Good job!

After playing, we had dinner at NasGorBab Papillon :)
Unfortunately that nite was closed with an unhappy ending for me :(
BUT, I thanked to God who still gave us chance to meet each other .. GO NCC 10!
And that night was much more special because mell and I decided to sleepover at Tonk's! We had some serious girls talks and I discovered something that SURPRISED ME! Thanks to mell and tonk . You're really my sweet besties ƪ(^,^)┐ ƪ(^,^)ʃ ┌(^,^)ʃ

Hmmm... ♥♥

A person born between February 19th and March 20th is on the sign of PISCES



- Do you know what I mean? Hehehe v^_^v

images source : google.com

Just Saying :p

I was definitely happy when I met you again after few months disappearance . Yep, thanks to the Lord! Anyway, the night went so fast cause we're just hung out for a while at Tonki's and had dinner which were full of laughter and of course, new stories . Well, shortly, I was happy . I AM HAPPY . Knowing you are still the same 'you' . That words, that accent, that acts, that curios, that jokes, that response, that initiative.. no exception to your feeling too.. Yeah, remain the same . I'm still clueless for you .

But, on Sunday, my reverend said that : Pray is not only a magical thing to hope something big, but also a little thing . 

You haven't understood yet what I'm trying for . But, someday you will . That's why, I prayed for you since last night :')

GoGirl! August bonus -- TRIBAL CLUTCH!

Vintage red dress, mommy's stripe dress & cardi, Jolie's goldie  pumps,
RayBan galsses


Not just a huge fan.. I am addicted to HARRY POTTER things!! \\^o^//

That was my confession . Can't handle the tears when I watched its last movie, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2,  two days ago with Simbah & Pitek . And it became more special because we watched it in 3D!! Yay to the top!

I read the last 5 of its books . I watched all its movie series . I have some posters, pin-ups, accessories, even the Dark Lord's wand from Cinemagz magazine . I barely couldn't imagine, when it ended, and the credit tittle showed up, I asked myself : WHEN WILL I WATCH HARRY POTTER 8? -- Such a silly question, I know...

At first, I was in love with DANIEL RADCLIFFE! Yep, all the girls in my age those time seemed so in love with that cute (he was cute!) Danny (glad to mention "this name" haha)!! Each time I watch it I feel like it always stuck in my head . All the scenes, the characters, the dialogues, the views, all of them!! And because of this HP phenomenon I also declared that I wanted to study "performance art" or be a "movie director" . I understand my major now is sooo far away from those but, someday maybe they'll come true . The greatest influence is harry potter has made me falling in love with .............................................. ACTING! If I have a chance, no matter how little it is, I'd like to be in movies too . AMEN *crossingfingers*

see? I'm such a true movie-goer because I still keep all of the tickets..!

HP 5 - July 12th 2007 (the day after its premiere in Indonesia), HP 7.1 - Nov 26th 2010
(with TIP friends & 'he' sat next to me), HP 7.2 - Aug 1st 2011, finally it ends :((

unbranded jeans vest, belt & black tanks inside, vintage skirt & bag,
RayBan sunglasses, Centro shoes 


Mangunan's xoxo

Dear bloggy-woogy (I don't know why I say this) ,
on last Saturday, July 30th 2011, me and my friends of PMK FTP UGM went to a journey of survey . Why we did that? We wanted to look for a place for the upcoming event of our PMK . Yep! The "solidarity" event!
So, we browsed some places through internet and found THIS PLACE, called "Kebun Buah Mangunan" . It was located +/- 35km from the center of  Jogjakarta .With a botanical garden concept, the place invited us to feel the village sensation & the aroma of fruits in a quite big area! And, we didn't forget to steal some snaps because at the top of the hill , the view was MAGNIFICENT . It was like the wide blue sky could match perfectly with the greenery hills . Well, God is the best!! hahaahaa..

Me, Yayas, Kak Nike, Bocil, Kak Ito, Dandi, Tyas, and Bang Edo

see the rest of the photos here :)
and... this is me >>
Kyaa~ green house! Remind me to my "japanese-oriented" lecture :p

Jeans by Bluza, bag & shoes are gifted from bandung,
vintage shawl & tanks, green tee by Missisippi, Rayban red sunglasses


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such a movie-goers


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