♥ My Best Friend's Wedding ♥

Can you imagine, your lovely childhood best friend get married??

It happens when actually you're in the time of "ignoring-everything-except-college" moment??

And, hell yeah, they've passed years of togetherness when you're "unfortunately" still chasing a man who never realize that you're exist for him?!

OKAY, here's the answer : I DID IT! I did all of that sentences above . Or for goodness sake, I AM doing it!

First of all I wanna say that OH MY GOD, YAYNESS TO THE TOP, MY BEST FRIEND HAVE ALREADY MARRIED!! And she married a GOOD, PATIENT, WISE & RESPONSIBLE MAN [To Mr. Ribeth Nurvijayanto, you owe me 'thanks' haha :p] . So, to Galih Prakasiwi & Ribeth Nurvijayanto, I'm happy for you :)

I don't even remember the last time I think about 'marriage' since I was super-duper-busy with my works in college . Too young to think about it, maybe . Tet Tot!! Cliche answer!! The truth is that .. I still can't move on & try to look for another man, except "him" & "him" & "him" again *sigh* . It's like he's the one and only man in my mind *standing applause* So sweeet... ;)  ENOUGH!
I keep praying and do something to attract him but, until now, looking from the result, I guess he's still not realizing that I like him *booooo..* . I actually wanna use some sarcastic words here to exactly express my anger and disappointment but, remember that this blog is kind of one of the biggest social media, I doubt my act . Well, maybe I should ask myself about this problem . Maybe I should make a shout-out to my brain, like : "Hello, braaaain! Are you okay if I can't move on? Are you trying to make me die slowly? Second by second? Okaaaay, I hope you enjoy your day & keep making me like this! Ganbatte ne!" . 

HUH! Dammit

Sorry, just wanna make myself calm down . Being the stupidest girl in the world, in my 19th years of my life (almost 20, for the record), that "quite" sucks, if you wanna know . Thank God, I still have my besties to help me & CHEER ME UP . Big hug for them !!! :*

So, here are some of the snaps of the wedding party that had been held on Jan 23rd (on Imlek day) 2012 :D
HAPPY WEDDING! Long last <3
[me, Tia, Ribeth, Galih, Kiki]

Thanks to Kiki who brought a personal photographer a.k.a her newest boyfie :p

Wardrobe : Mannequin dress (that I should wear on #hmjbersatu), Post Mode bolero,
unbranded stocking, mom's purse & necklace

And of course, a pair of vintage shoes from Fladeo :)

I REALLY HATE that "sailormoon" bangs!! Grr~
By the way, the peacock-fan is pretty!

You can see the rest here ^^

Cellphone Pictures Time

These are photos I took from my LG Cookie's 5 MP Camera hehehe x) Enjoy!

First.. food & beverages :
Spaghetti Bolognaise -- Solaria Ambarrukmo Plaza

Ndoro Kakung Ambarrukmo Plaza


Warung Pasta

Soto Sokaraja + Hot Tea at Dicky's house in Ungaran .
PS: his mom made this special for us! How sweeeet..

Merry Sundae by Pizza Hut

Coffee Float & Frappucinno (the best frap ever..!) by Snap Cafe

Bak Pao at X.O

Family special lunch on Jan 17th 2012, celebrated my parents' 21st wedding anniversary ^^ .
We went to X.O Dim Sum Restaurant in Ambarrukmo Plaza :

Miscellaneous :

Say Hi to my feet-mates : JOYO!!!

Hedonism attacks !! hahaha

In front of Baiturrahman Mosque in Semarang

Semarang City at night! Viewed from Gombel . Pretty!

Vintage wardrobe I prepared for #HMJBersatu .
But, the dress failed to be worn :(

Break time, in the middle of #HMJBersatu event! Really exhausted but FUN :)

My name tag :)

The Fab Artwork Photo Corner Wall made by the committees of #HMJBersatu !!
... There's always a story behind each photo XD

Semarang Runaway..!

How funny this photos are! Can anyone make the story based on this snapshots? haha..

They were taken when I went to Semarang on Jan 6th . Me and 5 friends visited Simpang Lima, Lawang Sewu, Tugu MudaSam Poo Kong (only at the entrance gate haha :p), Pandanaran (bought milkfish!!), The Old City, Diponegoro University and enjoyed the beautiful nite view from Gombel . It was breath-taking! And the trip was FUN! Hoping it won't be the last time . Surely, I'm waiting for the next adventure in 2012 :)
(Fajar, Yayas, Tikus, me, and Dicky)

Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu

Tugu Muda (Lawang Sewu as the background)

Tugu Muda

Sam Poo Kong

Blenduk Church, Old City

Old City

Simpang Lima

 Well, you can see the rest of the photos here XD
See you soon SEMARAAANG ...

The Presents

I was happy when I finally got baptized last Christmas . That means I can join the sacrament of holy communion from now! hahaha..
Beside that, I received some cool stuff as presents . Thank you for my family, my relatives and my friends!! Wanna know what are they?? ^^
Looking greaaat! xp

The clothes ...
  blue flowers dress from Auntie Hernita 
  Mint's flowery top from Auntie Yudi 
  Dual's skinny jeans from Auntie Yudi 
  Rampage's white bolero from my beloved Mum 
Jewelries & accessories ...
  Wooden holy cross necklace from my church 
  Gold pleated~ bracelet from Grandma & Holy Cross necklace from Uncle Henry ♥    
  Panda-head necklace from Auntie Hernita & Silver Holy Cross necklace from
Tikus, Mer, Yayas, Pika & El 
  This is the greeting's card + the box. Cutee 
  Holy Cross desk accessory from my "Angel", Suryo (TIP2011)
& "Detroit" key chain/pendant from Sist Lita (TPHP2007) 

Do you think I was lucky getting all that presents? Hehehe :D

PS : Three holy cross necklaces in one time?? Amazing!

2011-Christmas Story

I want to share my happiness on Christmas last week through all these pretty pictures ...
So, please take a look ;)

Started with ... PMK FTP Christmas Party on Dec 20th 2011 :
Girls of 2010!
(Back) Tata, Astrid, Dhini, Yayas, Lydia, and Me
(front) Tyas, Ecca, and Liza

2010 batch!! 

With Liza . Me wearing : White tanks from Matahari Dept Store, Pujha's red cardi,
vintage shawl, unbranded acid washed jeans and All Star's hi-sneakers  

With Yayas ^^

Then, few days after that, my mum & I went shopping from mall-to-mall and I took some snaps in front of the Xmas decoration . They all GORGEOUS!
Ambarrukmo Plaza's atrium 

Galleria Mall's atrium-1

Galleria Mall's atrium-2

Galleria Mall's atrium-3

Galleria Mall's atrium-4
.. Xmas eve inside the church :
unbranded tops and acid washed jeans, Bali's pink ribbon ethnic bag,
RayBan glasses and UP wedges (invisible in the pic T_T)

.. The Christmas day + my Baptism event :


my mum, me and my reverend (Pdt Budi S Marsudi)

my friends from PMK FTP came too :")
Thank you Liza, Tyas and El ..

me and El . Haha . Funny .

my dearest Mell and Mimi came just for giving me a warm hug  :")

my Katekisasi group : Zsa Zsa, me, Naomi and Steph :)
Me wearing : vintage dress from my aunt, Rampage white bolero and Stella Dark Blue wedges from UP

Satay party at my grandma's :)

Unforgettable memory of Christmas 2011! Thanks to : GOD ^o^


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