Semarang Runaway..!

How funny this photos are! Can anyone make the story based on this snapshots? haha..

They were taken when I went to Semarang on Jan 6th . Me and 5 friends visited Simpang Lima, Lawang Sewu, Tugu MudaSam Poo Kong (only at the entrance gate haha :p), Pandanaran (bought milkfish!!), The Old City, Diponegoro University and enjoyed the beautiful nite view from Gombel . It was breath-taking! And the trip was FUN! Hoping it won't be the last time . Surely, I'm waiting for the next adventure in 2012 :)
(Fajar, Yayas, Tikus, me, and Dicky)

Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu

Tugu Muda (Lawang Sewu as the background)

Tugu Muda

Sam Poo Kong

Blenduk Church, Old City

Old City

Simpang Lima

 Well, you can see the rest of the photos here XD
See you soon SEMARAAANG ...


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