The Presents

I was happy when I finally got baptized last Christmas . That means I can join the sacrament of holy communion from now! hahaha..
Beside that, I received some cool stuff as presents . Thank you for my family, my relatives and my friends!! Wanna know what are they?? ^^
Looking greaaat! xp

The clothes ...
  blue flowers dress from Auntie Hernita 
  Mint's flowery top from Auntie Yudi 
  Dual's skinny jeans from Auntie Yudi 
  Rampage's white bolero from my beloved Mum 
Jewelries & accessories ...
  Wooden holy cross necklace from my church 
  Gold pleated~ bracelet from Grandma & Holy Cross necklace from Uncle Henry ♥    
  Panda-head necklace from Auntie Hernita & Silver Holy Cross necklace from
Tikus, Mer, Yayas, Pika & El 
  This is the greeting's card + the box. Cutee 
  Holy Cross desk accessory from my "Angel", Suryo (TIP2011)
& "Detroit" key chain/pendant from Sist Lita (TPHP2007) 

Do you think I was lucky getting all that presents? Hehehe :D

PS : Three holy cross necklaces in one time?? Amazing!


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