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Hello dear..
Really . It has been loooong time since my last post in August yaa?! So sorry :(
Hectic-ness attacked . And I felt I changed so much within a year . Wanna know why?

2013 I spent with .... TRAVELING!


It all started when I spent a whole month of February by doing practical research work in a tea plantation in CIWIDEY, WEST JAVA . Then back to Jogja for just 1 week before I departed to MATSUYAMA, JAPAN and stayed there for 3 weeks on March to participate in SUIJI program . After that, on July-August I moved to WEST NUSA TENGGARA to join the spectacular and the most fascinating moment of this year, KKN! Its held by my university and I worked in the field (plus, of course, took a trip to the one and only GILI TRAWANGAN, SENGGIGI, SIRE, MATARAM, TELUK NARE etc) for 2 months there with 27 un-describe-able people I ever met, lol . Back from KKN, I didn't go home straight to Jogja but had my 4-days-and-3-nights holiday in BALI! Not long after the new semester began, on last September my beloved boyfriend, Makoto, visited me . He came far away (approximately 3234 miles, google said) from MATSUYAMA, JAPAN (yes, I met him when I was there on March hehe) . With him, together we went to MALANG, EAST JAVA and SOLO, CENTRAL JAVA . He also attended my cousin's wedding on October before he went home to Japan again . What a memorable 15 days I spent with my FIRST boyfriend in my life . Just in case you wanna know, when I was in Matsuyama, we both still 'friends' so his visitation in Indonesia was the 1st time we spent as couple! hohohoho... :p
The traveling story of 2013 doesn't stop there . Because in the beginning of December, me and the army of Agro-industrial Technology students class of 2010 took a field trip to PASURUAN, EAST JAVA and BALI (again, for me haha) . We're in our senior year so it's so rare for us to spend time altogether . However I already considered this classmates as my families too . And start from this year (2014) maybe one by one will finish their study here and graduate :")

That's it! I hope I still have a chance to traveling again in this year . Hope God will let me meet a lot more of new friends . Bunch already waited to be met in the end of February hohoho . I cant wait to see where God will take my life to . And on top of that, I just wanna be a better person than last year . Because I learned a lot about life in 2013 . So, 2014, go surprise me!! *crossing fingers*

Once again,


Here are some moments captured by the lens (not in a particular order) :

Situ Patenggang, Feb 13
Packing for Matsuyama, March 13
Gladys' wedding (first friend of TIP 2010 who get married!),
May 13

Geng Hebring graduation (mb Fo, mb Chep, mb Whe)
May 13

worst traffic accident ever happened on me, June 13

KKN weapons, July-Aug 13

Trawangan, Lombok July 13

Tiu Kelep Waterfall, Lombok Aug 13

First 4-hours-sea-trip, Lombok strait July/Aug 13

Fly again after a loooong time, March 13

Tonari No Totoro :)

Still 'friends' haha, march 13

Early Spring in Matsuyama, March 13
with Moriko (left) and Saori (right), best friend from another country .
We'll always remain as best friends, see you soon! #amen

2013 Addiction

newest pal, BARI san (in japanese : バリィさん)!!

My cousin's wedding . Can guess where I am? - Oct 13

Hosting Osaka City University students, Oct 13

Aglobeat is back!!! Nov 13

Tanah Lot Bali, Dec 13

'Flying fish'-ing for the 1st time!! Dec 13

'Sarimbitan' with beloved pacar, Oct 13

Starting to know about this 'Kawaii Phenomenon', Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Invented new breakfast menu!! :p

Reunion with JENESYS friends after 5 years! Nov 13

Last "hebring" sister that graduated, mb Monci TT
- Nov 13

I lost an aunt and an uncle on 2013 :'(

Merry Christmas 2013 :)

BNS Malang, Oct 13

Pandawa Water Park Solo, Oct 13

Bedugul Bali, Dec 13
Nail Art-ing + Tattoo-ing, Kuta Bali Aug 13

Having my 21st birthday abroad and far away from family!! March 13
getting closer with these girls! we are "geng ojek internasional"!
Pebi (or Pabi haha), Arum and Resti XD

~ So, how was your 2013 readers?? ^^


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