Finally I have time to write about this!
For your information, this AGLOBEAT is one of my dream that fortunately come true in the en of 2012 . Really THANK TO GOD!
I've been craving to make a dance team since I entered college . And God made it happen hohoho!
Maybe all of you have known that I'm already in love with dancing since I was a kid if you read my post about it here .
Now, I have two dance teams . One is for kpop dance cover named 99carrot and one is formed officially for my beloved Agriculture Tech., Faculty called Aglobeat :))
Here are the member of 99carrot :

and Danas

Our performances at Magelang, in the mid of 2012 (minus Danas) :

Recently Jogja has filled with many Kpop Dance Cover groups that make us should struggle more to keep our existence . But still, as long as I do what I love, I never make '1st place winner title' as my main priority .  Find us, 99carrot on Facebook and Twitter!! :)

And now, my second group, Aglobeat (stands for 'AGriculture TechnoLOgy on the BEAT) consists of 7 members (including me) and the unique thing is that we come from 4 different majors in FTP UGM! Yeaay, go go UNITY! :





and Inten

We also have some special members in Aglobeat . Here they are... first, our one and only dance mentor+coach+choreographer, eonnie Ratih! hihihi.. (she is also Miranti's older sister)

Our incredible-yet-fabulous make-up artists haha.. Give it up for Sasa and Ola!

Aglobeat has performed in several events too (woaaahahaha XD), watch the videos below . We aren't perfect yet, still lack in details, sync, etc . But we have made our best effort and thank to God brought the 1st place winner title in JUSTICIA CUP DANCE COMPETITION 2012 held by the Law Faculty :')

GMEconolympic 2012 :

Justicia Cup 2012 :

FTP UGM's World Food Day 2012 :

Art Night FTP UGM 2012 :

Some Aglobeat snippets from our 'photographer', Mas Ical (he's also mbak Inggar's bf) :

Will keep dancing forever! :p


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