Something Sweet that Swinging Around~

Despite the full, busy and tight college schedules, I still quite update about music .Yeaaah! Recently I'm listening to Jeff Bernat's THE GENTLEMAN APPROACH . His music is so ear-catching and easy listening . Really enjoy listening to it when the raining's pouring down outside while I am accompanied by a glass of my favorite green tea latte and macaroons . That would be a perfect scene for me!!! ^.^v

Starting with its first track, Bonjour!, and you'll be completely in love with his music style!!

2. Cool Girls

3. Just Vibe

4. Doesn't Matter

5. My Dear

6. Ms. Seductive

7. Girl at the Coffee Shop (Me??! haha *kidding)

8. Call You Mine

9. Groovin'

10. Moonlight Chemistry

11. With Love

And here are some of my favorite lyrics from his songs . It would be so sweet if there's a romantic man sings this lyrics to me *dreaaaaaming* :)

I like how you take your pictures,
I like how you sip your wine,
I like how you study scriptures,
I read all your zodiac signs.
I like your classy outfits,
and the way you do your hair,
I like how you look in glasses,
I like how you say your prayers.
The way you do the things that you do,
Makes me want just want to get to know you better now,
The little things that your just into,
I feel that we should be together.
(Just Vibe)

It really doesn’t matter who you are,
It doesn’t matter if you sing or play guitar,
If you’re a superstar, fancy car, really big house,
I just wanna know what you’re really about.
‘Cause the beauty in your eyes girl,
Makes me realize, girl,
The only thing important is that I have you in my life, girl.
Care less about material things,
‘Cause you and your love is all that matters to me. 
(Doesn't Matter)

so glad that I found you,
cliché but I love you, 
when the day cant along, 
along to be right next to you, ohohoh,
when the nights are cold,
the thought of you pulls me through.
(My Dear)

Thanks to 2PM's JunK who introduced me to Jeff Bernat's songs in a Korean reality show called The Romantic & Idol :p
Click here if you want to download his album for free..



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