Happy 2 0 1 2

- May God lead my beloved country, Indonesia, to be better in every aspect of life . So the president and all of his staffs can open the gate of prosperity this year .
- May God give my family and relatives, especially my dad, my mom, and my brother, long live and healthiness . So we can build a real happy family and never lose any spirit of happiness again .
- May God give my best friends, #ODONK, a lot of opportunities to meet each others more often . So, we can keep our friendship forever 'till the end .
- May God give my friends, in college, high school, junior high school, elementary school, kindergarten, in neighborhood, in AFS, in FORAGRIN, NCC10, in Japan, and in everywhere all around the world, a good relation in communication . So we won't lose contact & always remember one to another . 

And (maybe) the last..

- May God bring me out from the darkness I've followed so long . Then I can be a better person, a better woman, a better child, a better sister, a better niece, a better granddaughter, a better friend, a better student, a better citizen, a better servant of HIM . Thank you for all blessings You had given to me in the past 2011 . I don't hope everything I want come true, I realize life is much more than hopes and dreams . I should pay highest and do hardest work before getting all that I want . And God have HIS own time . What I must do is keeping my faith on Him and the best of the best will be given in the right time on the right place . I shall not be afraid of any problem . Because, the pain in life has many lessons I can learn . That's why God send them . He know the right path of my life . I only have to choose and decide . He will never let me down . He lift my sorrow up . And I am not scared of times too . Everyone may have their own man/woman who is gonna share the rest of their life with now . But I believe, like I always say to myself (and now trying to convince me once again) that GOD SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST ^^!



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