Racing Stripes

I'm back with a new story . Odonk has officially got a MASCOT! Yayness \m/
She's a cute-3-months-puppy named PUCCA (at least I call her so) .
On Saturday we met for the 1st time and I was pretty sure that she will grow healthily . Amen!
Thank you for DephuSimbahAyuk, Mimi who have let me knew and met Pucca at Kedai Kopi Gejayan .
She should come in every Odonkerz hang out time hahahaha.. (ɔˇ ³ ˇ)ɔ

Well, last weekend I wore a cute black-and-white stripes tee with embroidered lace on its back . Wanna know how I mix and match it into two different occasions? Go check them here -->

Cute tee from Match Boutique . My best friend, Nanin works there as shop keeper :) 
L: Churching and Shopping on Sunday . R: Hang out on Saturday Night .
Lovely Shoes of Mine xoxo
  Left Picture : on Sunday morning till noon I wore the tee mixed with unbranded 3/4 jeans, Day or Night's   
  belt, mum's orange purse, Go Girl!'s sunglasses and Anjani wedges from UP .
  Right pic : on saturday nite I went out with my besties to see PUCCA, I mixed the tee with grey jumpsuit by 
  Mango, black stocking, vintage sling bag from mum and printed sneakers by VAN's .


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