happy belated 19th birthday E L U V I A N

On Saturday, April 30th 2011, one of my best mates named ELUVIAN SATRIA ARILANGGAAJI, celebrated his birthday!! Actually, his birthday was a week before, on 23th April . But, he decided to celebrate it with his friends a week later due to our own college business . 

So, the guests were me, tonki, mell, patra and cetul . First of all I was afraid that the plan won't work as what we thought . Knowing that two of the guests, patra and cetul already had a plan with their college mates . But tonki, mell and I were confidence and believe that the plan would go without any problem!! Without hesitation we moved to church at 6 PM and waited Luvi and the rest there . 

Luvi finally came at 6.30 PM . YESSSS!!! The 'free dinner party' would walk as we planned :) Unfortunately, until the church service had finished, patra and cetul couldn't make it . They promised to come to the dinner venue as soon as possible . So, Luvi decided to have dinner at Hoka-Hoka Bento Ambarrukmo Plaza . Bad luck, after we got there (with full of effort because the rain was pouring down heavily) there was no menu left . All sold out!! Hahahaha... :"D

We met cetul there and he guessed Solaria was still open for dining menu . But, Solaria was sold out too!! It was almost 9.15 PM when we finally chose *****Bento at Tamansari Food Court and ordered the meal . Meanwhile, mell and tonki hadn't come back yet from nowhere . They said they looked for ATM but they had gone very long that made us waited unpatiently because we had already hungry :( 

When we almost decided to eat, VOILAAAA...~! Tonki and mell showed up and brought two cupcakes with candles "1" and "9" on the top of each cupcake!! Luvi and I was sooooo surprised!!! 
However, Patra came at 10.15 PM, when the rest of Tamansari had gone and only six of us remained there . Scary? YES! Memorable? OF COURSE (y)

We decided to go home after hanging out for few minutes in front of Ambarrukmo Plaza . Mell had gone home first because she had felt very tired . Tonki and I watched Luvi and Patra ate Magnum ice cream greedily . While cetul, as usual, posed and talked about something unimportant . That's why I forget what he had talked about :p

We planned to go to Alun-alun kidul the next day but unfortunately, the heavy rain RUINED EVERYTHING . Grr~ (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩___-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)

here are few photos I can share ...
~Happy Birthday to us :)
~ Just like a family portrait, aren't we? :p
~ Candy Color Shirt - WAW Amplaz, Stripe Skirt + belt - Day or Night Boutique ~
Such an unforgettable night . Thank you pals!! ^^v


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