C H O C O L A ~

Last Saturday my girls AyukSimbahMimi, and Dephu invited me to try a new cafe in Kranggan named, Coffee Talk . I agreed because every Saturday nite we usually spent the nite together . You know, in the middle of our own college craziness we still need to meet, greet, and share stories between best friends . That's what friends are created for \\^o^// 
Unexpectedly, Nanin came too and joined us there . The rest .. yeaah you know what teenage girls always talk about :p

Cardigan by BUTI Fashion Amplaz -- Choco Dress 2nd by Auntie --
Blue Scarf by Nivea

Teddy's sleepy head . My Auntie's gift from Germany :)
Look at my red-orange nails!!

Brown Suede Shoes . I bought it near the Outlet Biru Selokan Mataram .


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