Yesterday, I met my super-sister, Mala!! She wanted to introduce her new boy friend!! Oh my GOSH, they two were so cute talked to each other .. good choice sis :D

We promised to meet at Artemy, the brand new gelato cafe with an Italian concept :))
It was located next to Malioboro Mall . Not only served gelato, there was sorbet too . And I tried the two-scoops of chocolate-apple-pie gelato with big-crunchy-choco-cone . Ah Artemy, xoxo :*

it was quite chill last nite :p

Voilaaa.. there's a girl peeps haha!

Goldie blink-blink
Wanna know more about gelato and sorbet?
Click here : Caffe Gelato
                  Delicious Days  ♥

*Purple Blazer by Kickfest at Semarang, Girl Tanks by Matahari Dept Store, Green Stripes Med-Skirt &
  Long Shawl 2nd by my mum, Belt by Day or Night Boutique, Safari Shoulder bag by Joger Bali, Goldie
  short wedges by Jolie :)


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