What I wear on Easter Day :)

Long time no update hihihi..
Have been struggling with practical reports!!! Ugh.. but thank GOD, I never lose my sense of fashion! So, I wanna show the wardrobes I wore on The Easter week couple weeks ago \m/

Sunday Palma 17/04/11

Good Friday 22/04/11
Sneakers-lover :p

Easter Day!! Colorful yeaaah!! 24/04/11

school preppy toes 
Note :
- Sunday Palma : Polka Top, Harajuku Japan . Black Skirt, 2nd from mum . Black Socks, Hyakuen Shoppu
   Japan . Wedges, UP .
- Good Friday : Dress and White Cardi, 2nd from auntie . Hi-Sneakers, All Star Galeria Mall .
- Easter Day : Turquoise Top, Two17 Ambarrukmo Plaza . Green Batik Skirt, 2nd from mum . Low socks,
  Carrefour . Black flat shoes, Centro Ambarrukmo Plaza . Orange Shoulder Bag, 2nd from mum . Colorful
  necklace, Above Distro Semarang .


Diz.Sya said...

test.. test..

jebul aku belum masukin word verification-nya wakakag silly me

Gading Ghe said...

haha dasar!! :p
thanks for following my blog sissy ..

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