Cookie's Snaps [AUG edition]

Here are some photos I took using my cell phone (most of them hehe), just a recap from the 8th month :D

First, my guilty pleasure..
Choco-Oreo Waffle at Hungry Bear Cafe
Sandwich at Coffee Bakar
Vanilla Ice Cream Pancake at Coffee Bakar 
Spaghetti Bolognaise + Tomato Juice at Solaria
Roasted Duck + Chicken at Rice Bowl Restaurant
Menus at Mr. Bamboo
Top : Ice Lemon Tea + A slice of Dark Velvet
Bottom : Green Tea Cupcake + Red Velvet + Caramel Latte.. [SERAFIN COFFEE & PATISSERIE]

Then, snaps of me..
120816 -- Prambanan Temple
120822 -- Lawang Sewu Semarang
120830 -- Serafin Coffee & Patisserie 

.. and people around me :)
After Party Reunion 6 SHS Jogja at Coffee Bakar with (left-right)
Noim, me, Ayuk, Dephu, Tonki, Nanin, Simbah, Dito 120810
Let me introduce you : We are RUMPIX GIRLS : Me, Liza, Dhini, Tyas & Yayas.
We like to talk about everything and we're good on gossiping each others! HA!
Hungry Bear 120828 (Cr: Liza)
120830 -- Serafin (Simbah Fem, Ayuk and me)
Firework Party with my little cousin, Ghea :)
Randublatung (Lebaran Holiday) 120819
Resident Class A 5 JHS Jogja Reunion!! HURRAY!
Pondok Cabe 120813 (cr: Cahyo)
So, what's your last month story, readers?? :D


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