Overripe Banana and Tempe Bacem

I just wanna share a short personal story . Hehehehe.. :p
It is a quite funny story and one of my unforgettable moments ever .
I don't know why, but since that happened, I always giggle every time I see or eat these two : 




So, here goes the story ..

One day, I had a friend who got hospitalized and of course, like all of the patients there, he was advised to  control his diet . Then, almost every day, the hospital gave him menu of "TEMPE BACEM" . At first, he just stared at it and I began to tell him that TEMPE or TEMPEH was one of Indonesian traditional side dishes made from soy (fyi, this friend of mine aren't Indonesian hehe..) . He then tried to eat it, but ONLY TO SAY : Gading, I think I DON'T LIKE THIS KIND OF FOOD . O_____O

I was shocked getting his response like that, but instead of asking "why" I said : well, I LOVE TEMPE! and then took that tempe bacem, nom nom nom, I ate it PROUDLY! 


I guessed my action was too much . I realized and began to regret it because on the next days, every time he got another TEMPE BACEM menu, he left it, not for anything, just FOR ME! So I could eat it, because I said I LOVE IT!  HAHAHAHAHAAA.. :"D
It's weird you know, but funny too!! I never get any food left for me before (for some reason), even from my family . So even though I already had lunch in my campus before going to hospital, I couldn't refuse his offer to eat that tempe . And I still can imagine his smile when he said he had been waited for me so he could see me eating the tempe . That was just ... SWEET! >.<

Hey hey hey, don't think too far soon . It was just my feeling on that time . He was sick, you know . He needed a support and just by seeing his smile I knew he would recover soon ;) And of course I was happy knowing that  it was me, the reason behind his smile..

And, there's still one more story! Now, about THE OVERRIPE BANANA!
So, still with the same person, and still during his staying in hospital . One day, when I came to visit him, I looked a banana in his table beside his bed . I wondered why he didn't eat it . It must be not because he left it for me too, right?! -____-" 
I took the banana and peeled it in front of him so he could see and might be he then wanted to eat it right away . Hellooooo, you were sick and banana would give you a lot of vitamins to your body, Sir! I said it on my mind . He looked interested and took the banana, but just before he put it inside his mouth, he said : Gading, I DONT WANT TO EAT THIS! LOOK AT IT! *pointed at some brown spots on it


He didn't want to eat it just because it was an OVERRIPE BANANA?! Lalalalaa~ another shocking moment that I got from him! And fortunately, I got used to it hehe *hard sigh* . And he didn't stop there! He then gave the overripe banana to me while saying : I know you want this! Just eat it, I don't mind! *and again, he was smiling.. dammit* I stared at him deeply and felt my hand grabbed the banana . See? I couldn't refuse it (again)! OMG what's wrong with meeee???!! >.<

So, I ate the overripe banana, even though my stomach had already full *seriously I could feel I wanted to throw up*, with a SMILE ON MY FACE! I knew it wasn't his fault . It was MY FAULT because I can never stand over his sweet smile and funny act :")

HEY! I kinda miss him now.. *NO KIDDING* 

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hihihi :* 


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