E for Ehime :) [Part 2]

This is the 2nd part of my story with my new friends from Ehime Japan :)
So, on the next day after they got back from KKN place and took a rest in Wisma MM UGM, we gathered in my campus to watch the presentation from the Ehime students . They explained about everything they had already done in the village, along with the society there . I found that was interesting, because it made me understood, although a little, of their point of view while living together with Indonesian people, which in this case, as a foreigner . And I also understood it wasn't easy to communicate with them too . It reminded me of my sweet times in Saitama, where I should be living as a foreigner too . Hmmpphh.. I miss my hosuto famirii :"(
Take a picture first before heading to Malioboro! :D
We tried to refresh our mind after the presentation by taking a walk on Malioboro street! Yep, I accompanied them who wanted to buy souvenirs there .

Still on the same day, Aug 15th, one of them was celebrating birthday! She was YURI! So, me and the UGM teammates gave her a surprise by hiding inside her hotel room, and along with the rest of her friends of Ehime and a pretty RAINBOW CAKE, we successfully made Yuri, well, SURPRISED! YEEEEEIIIY \m/
(PS: thanks to Megumi as a 'distraction-maker' haha :p)

Aug 16th was the last full day with them!!! I was so saaaaad.. On that day we decided to visit 2 of well-know landmarks in Indonesia, especially in Java Island, those were BOROBUDUR & PRAMBANAN TEMPLE! XD Here are the recaps :
I was meeting 1D member!! Kyakyaaa~ haha, of course he wasn't! LoL
He was just another tourist in Prambanan who, fortunately, looked cute and kakkoi,
that's why I took a pic with him XD
On Aug 17th, they left the hotel & we headed to the biggest mall in the town, Ambarrukmo Plaza . We had our last lunch together, after that most of them still wanted to go shopping and then we rushed off to the airport in afternoon . And that's it, we must saying the hardest word : GOODBYE... :")

See ya my friends.. Really hope you will come back to Jogja or maybe I will visit your country (amen!) XD

Thanks to The UGM team : Mbak Widha (TIP '08), Mbak Ikty (TIP '08), Bani (TIP '10), Tecto (TIP '10), Lyra (TEP '10), Angga (TEP '11), Nawa (TEP '11), Ika (TPHP '10), Ulfah (TPHP '11), Warih (TPHP '10)

And The Ehime team : Ruth Sensei (I really had a good time talking with you sensei but I'm sorry I even didn't say goodbye when you left T.T hope we can meet again), Tsuzuki Sensei, Megumi (sstt.. keep our secret hehe), Manami (Kamilia~ KARA's fanclub name :p), Kie (karate girl), Yuri (we're a fan of Namie Amuro, yeeeah), Yuka (Disney's Princess lover :D), Kanako (The cat lover~), Hotta (the one who survive at Surodadi, congratulatioooon), Shota (the "okaaay" boy & the pose-maker! you're so funny) and Akebi (don't you dare putting Mukai Osamu's picture as your profile picture on facebook again! hahaha.. keep your promise to always wear the necklace! XD)

photos credit : @tectonaVgrandis, megumi's fb and hotta's fb


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