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You must have read my experience welcoming some guests from Ehime University (click here), so short story, me and my other two friends who joined that program (Grandis and Bani) were interviewed by BIPTECH crew . BIPTECH is an official magazine made by the Press and Information System Department in HIMATIPA . Here goes the interview which has been released in this Sept edition on "English Corner" rubric :)

New Friends From Japan

It must be an amazing experience when we can make friends with foreigners who have different language and culture from us right? And that’s what happened to these TIP students : Widha Septi (2008), Icktyani W (2008), Gading Gaharunni (2010), Ikhsan Bani (2010), and Tectona Grandis (2010). On August 2nd – 17th 2012 they got a chance to accompany 9 students and 2 professors from Ehime University Japan. The 9 students from Ehime were joining the KKN Program held by FTP UGM and this kind of program has been conducted several times between two universities. Feel so curious about their experience? Fortunately, Biptech crew had already made a special interview with Gading, Bani, and Grandis. Let’s check it out !!

1) Would you please give us a brief explanation about the program?
       Bani : it was a KKN Program which has been held since three years ago between UGM and Ehime. The participants lived with people in the village (in Wonolelo Village, Magelang) for 10 days and made some programs due to what they’ve got in college, mostly in agricultural thing.
2) Was there any requirement needed to be one of the UGM team and join that program?
   Gading: Actually there was no requirement specifically. Bani, Grandis and I were chosen because we loved to make new friends, didn’t mind to spend some of our time with them and didn’t afraid talking in English! (don’t worry, high English ability was UNNECESSARY ;D)
3) What kind of activity did you do during the program?
    Bani : We just accompanied them and followed their schedule as long as they were in Yogyakarta. We helped them to communicate too.
   Gading : We had lunch and dinner together, biked around campus, watched their KKN programs presentation and also went picnic to Malioboro, Borobudur, and Prambanan!
  Grandis : Whatever the activity was, we tried our best to make them comfortable living in Indonesia. We always showed the good side of Indonesia.
4) Last, how do you feel after participating as one of the UGM team members?
  Bani : I got a great experience by helping them. They were nice and crazy too! I was really impressed and honored welcoming them.
   Grandis : The program was good. We got a chance to expand our network abroad and showed them how the reality in Indonesia was.  This program must be continued next year.
    Gading : ASDFGHJKL! I'm speechless haha. Little bit tiring , but mostly fun! I thanked God who has given me new friends from Japan again (because last year I participated in a similar program with Osaka City University). Oh, and so happy because all of the lunch, dinner, and picnic were FREE! 

Cr: Lu'lu'atul F 
Edited by ME! :p


Yuri Shinozaki said...

can this comment contribute??
last post's comment was error and couldn't contribute...sorry :(

this activity and visiting Indonesia was priceless experience for me too.
in fact, i tried to participate to another Indonesia program in May 2012.But i couldn't go Indonesia, because my major was little different from a criterion for selection of that program.
So, I'm happy to be able to participate in this program of KKN and came to Indonesia! and met you:D* I love Indonesian people, culture, gentleness, smile, food, scenery, all things.:)
i will sure to visit Indonesia again someday!
thank you for everything..!***

Yuri said...

and can i get a picture in your post?:)(my birthday pict..)

Gading Ghe said...

Halo YURI! :)
I'm so glad you were happy during your stay in Jogja! We're all waiting for your next visit!

You may copy the picture if you want :)

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