Little Chit-Chat

Me and my mum always spend time together every Sunday! Yes, we usually start the day by going to church and then shopping or just having a little chit-chat in cafe or restaurant .
Like we did last week . It became much more special because we were deciding to wear the same color of outfit that nite .
PURPLE! Hahaha~
Look at us!!
I, uhmm, look so tanned! err~

I <3 my muuuuum!

wearing Bluza's ripped-jeans, Mango's purple lace shirt,
UP shoes and Nicolette's necklace

Our dinner menus at Pasta Banget Restaurant!! Yuuuum...
Spaghetti Bolognaise :)

Spaghetti Bolognaise + Frozen Chocoreo!

mum's choice!

Creamy Mushroom!
 On the other day, we went shopping too!!

Last time I wear my sunglasses!
It's broken now :"(

Daisy Days's embellished blouse + vintage skirt +
Sukawati Bali's canvas bag + Flats from my host mum

I <3 Bali & my Hennaaaaa tattoo~

These some misc photos I wanna post too.. Enjoy! :)
My feet (and its footsteps) vs Dream Land's sands

in front of THE 101 HOTEL in Legian

It is not a lux yacht or something . It's PLTU PAITON in Probolinggo, East Java  .
Pretty, right?? ;) *PLTU=Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Uap means Steam Power Plant*

Ayuk's newest nail color!! Toscaaa~

my temporary henna tattoo.. gorgeous!

Delicious strawberry ice cream waffle from Hungry Bear Cafe

My mum & I favorite "late nite snacks" . Yup, J-Co + Coke!!! \m/


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