Dixie Birthday Party

On Sunday, May 27th 2012, ayuk, femme and I attended DIXIE'S 7th BIRTHDAY PARTY in Grand Pacific Hall . For your information, Dixie is one of the most favorite restaurants in Jogja, especially for college students (like me :D) . So, short story, we came to Pacific and watched the music concert held by Dixie . The guest stars are : Maliq & D'Essentials (Jazz band), Adhitia Sofyan (Male Acoustic Soloist & Guitarist), and Tohpati Bertiga (Guitarists) .
Since I'm in love with Maliq's music, I wanna share one song from them that FANTASTICALLY & SUCCESSFULLY made me CRIED that night!!! WAHAHAHAHAA... :|
This song called "UNTITLED" . Enjoy~

Ketika, kurasakan sudah
Ada ruang di hatiku yang kau sentuh
Dan ketika, ku sadari sudah
Tak selalu indah cinta yang ada

Mungkin memang, ku yang harus mengerti
Bila ku bukan yang ingin kau miliki
Salahkah ku bila
Kau lah yang ada di hatiku
[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/m/maliq_dessentials/untitled.html ]
Adakah ku singgah di hatimu, mungkinkah kau rindukan adaku
Adakah ku sedikit di hatimu
Bila kah ku mengganggu harimu, mungkin kau tak inginkan adaku
Akankah ku sedikit di hatimu

Bila memang, ku yang harus mengerti
Mengapa cintamu tak dapat ku miliki
Salahkah ku bila
Kau lah yang ada di hatiku

Kau yang ada, di hatiku

Bila cinta kita tak kan tercipta
Ku hanya sekedar ingin tuk mengerti
Adakah diriku, oh singgah di hatimu
Dan bilakah kau tau, kaulah yang ada di hatiku

Kau yang ada, di hatiku
Adakah ku, di hatimu

source: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/m/maliq_dessentials/#share

And here are some snaps I took with my friends, before heading to the venue and when we were there .
have dinner first at Paris Lounge!
Why are they so serious?
Left-to-right : me, Femme (a.k.a simbah), Pitek, Ayuk
#randomshot Ayuk & I were wearing wedges & standing for almost 4 hours!
The tickets~! (and my bracelets..)
A&T tops -- Bandidas jeans -- Wallaby bag -- UP wedges
Snapshots from the stage will be featured in the next post ;)
And, by the way, I am still confused about what is exactly my reason that makes me cry that nite haha! LoL..


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