A Passion in Life

I know that each person has their passion in life . It could be their hobbies or anything they love the most . Here I wanna share one passion I have in my life . I mean, my passion is not only 'this one', but I just wanna talk about 'this one' right now hahaha . Well, I also wanna say SORRY for my hiatus these few weeks . I had so many things to do, think about & handle at the same time . Last Sunday I joined a cover dance competition in Magelang (1,5 hours to go from Jogjakarta riding motorbike) with my teammates from 99carrot (does this name sound cute?! hohoho xp) . Though we haven't lucky yet to get the trophy, but I really enjoyed those time . This is what I wanna talk about .


Since I was a kid, I had been introduced into dancing through my kindergarten . I joined traditional dance team, being a color guard girl and a little angel on Christmas party and this passion in dance lead me into 
T A M A N S I S W A, my elementary school . Six years studied there, I was feeling like no day without dance practice (still, the traditional one) & I always happy to do that . Tamansiswa has been leading in the traditional arts performance school since the first time its been established . Every month in Tamansiswa, there were many guests coming from other cities and sometimes other counties . They wanted to watch much more closer the 1st school built by Ki Hadjar Dewantara, the father of education in Indonesia . And we, as the students usually gave them a little traditional arts performance like dancing, dolanan anak (javanese drama for children -- include dance and sing), karawitan (javanese music instruments) and geguritan (javanese art of poetry reading) . I still remember, I was dancing for the guests from South Korea (he was a governor if I'm not wrong) and after I finished he gave me 10,000 WON!! HOHOHOHO.. And I've ever performed in front of Suriname's president, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta's governor, Sri Sultan HB X and some of government officials too .

I first learned modern dance when I was in Junior High School . I still joined traditional dance extracurricular, but because in my JHS, there were a lot of my friends who danced as better as me, I started to find something else to do . That was why when I knew that some of my classmates had the same interest with me in modern dance, I felt so lucky . So, me and 5 friends debuted (whoaaa... LoL) as dancers in BOPKRI 1 High School Dance Competition when we were in 8th grade of JHS . A year before, we also got 2nd place of modern-traditional dance competition held by my junior high school's committee in order to celebrate Kartini Day . Surprisingly, we made into final round in BOPKRI & got the BEST YELL TEAM prize!! I COULDN'T BELIEVE THAT! :'D (those time was kind of a signal that I am good at making "yell-yell" too, and it continues until now xp) . Unfortunately, in High School, my dance passion was quite stuck because of some problems (can't tell them here, sorry) . I only danced 2 times in 3 years and that was all because an annual event held by my high school's committees which making a rule that each class must sent one dance team to compete in the event . Now, in university, I joined a dance team called 99carrot . I've been together with this team since Dec 2011 and my first performance was on last January . There are 5 members include me and we are focusing in KPOP Cover Dance . But we can also dance in modern way too . Oh yeaah, I also dance for my department in university for some events ;)

Dance makes me feel the way I am . I'm being myself when I'm dancing . I'm kind of a moody person, and dance often helps me balancing my mood . Because of dancing too I could pass the test of a student exchange program in 2008 and lived in Japan for several weeks . I know I'm not that really good . It's people around me saying I'm good at dancing and I really appreciate it . But I believe someday, someone might falling for my dance skill.. WAHAHAHAHAA v^___________^v

I am in love with dancing and I hope this passion can also support me to pursue one of my dreams... travelling around the world!! \\m//

Okay, now can you find me in these pictures??? kkk~

-- Me and my dance-teammates from year-to-year --

So, readers.. tell me what your passion is! *wink*


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