My SS Collage . . .

SS Collage --> Super Special Collage!!
It's all about what I wanna be, what I wanna have, and what I wanna get.. few years from NOW :D
So, please check them out :)
the upfront images

words that represent ME!

Made by me with full of  ♥

Never be truer~!

Amen ;)

Olsen twins are my exactly role mode in business

ehehehee.. bruum bruum

Deyn, Kidman, & Jolie-Pitt = ME in entertainment & social life !

TARRAAA, this is it.. the FAB ARTWORK of MINE ^^

By the way, SS means Success Skill . 
The event was sponsored by my faculty so I SHOULD JOINED  it.
But, at least, it gave me some enlightenment for MY SHINY-BRIGHT FUTURE  . .

"Expecting won't make your dreams come true . Start doing now, then you can reach what is exactly yours since the first time you born!"


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