Agritech Retreat 2010

Last week, on 17-19th December 2010, me and all my friends (not all exactly) went to OMAH JAWI villa in Kaliurang to hold a RETREAT :)
So, shortly, on that three days I've got a great memories . I got to know my new sisters and brothers in "Persekutuan Mahasiswa Kristen" Faculty of Agriculture Technology Gadjah Mada University
The activities from outbound, KKR, SaTe, all session made me felt grateful for having a new family there .
Although what I've expected with "him" was not happened but I really excited in every session . Waited what will happen next . All became so crazy (paskah, olando, yadauw, cs) & the other were so religious (ka risa, ka fanny, ka anggi, ka yudhis cs)~!
And the best part was when the TALENT SHOW session ^^v
Me and my teammates, as the freshmen, became the first performer and we sang four traditional songs and also danced :)
Then came the 2nd performer, the class of  2007. They read a poetry in three different languages. Javanese (ka evan), Batak (ka agus), & Nias (ka ajay). Class of 2008 played a drama called "Malin Kundang met Jesus" and that was sooooooo "unbelievable" ! hahaha..
Next we got class of 2009 who acted too. But the story was about "The Missing Son & His Father" in a modern way. They played hilariously! I couldn't stop laughing and laughing watched Paskah (he's the main actor) cs acted with "innocent" face!! wakawakaaa e e *rollsrolls
The last performer was class of 2006 and above. The seniors section. They sang a song from Bondan feat Fade 2 Black, Kita untuk Selamanya. Very good *marvelousindeed

Back to my problem.
I didn't know why and how the distraction ruined the good times when we were together but THE TRUTH WAS he looked like went away from me without an unthinkable reason! Did I do something wrong?? I still don't get it until NOW! Was that because our "twin cell-phone chains"?? Was thaaaaaaaaattt..?!?!
Oh my goodness.. If it's all because he was embarrassed with that problem then FORGIVE ME :"(
I didn't realise that you were such a swing-moody person. Once you told you didn't wanna come to retreat event because of "something". Then you said yes, you wanted to come to retreat because of "something". And after all conditions, we got there and you turned your SILENCE MODE ON.. 
There was a man. I didn't know him so well until retreat came. He's the one made my day after knowing the coldness of b**** to me :\ 
This man joked me and said a lot of silly things about everything in me. First, I felt he was annoying but I realize that if he wasn't saying like that I wouldn't forget the pain I got and all of the miserable hopes which blew away~! So, one word for that man, THANKS ^__^v

Check the photos of my retreat's happiness here


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