TALENT show in Madura

Finally I got the photos when I was in Madura with 7 others friends . We were there for participating in Trunojoyo University + FORAGRIN's event called : TALENT, "Trunojoyo Agroindustrial Technology Event" 2011 . We joined the seminar about "jamu" (traditional herbal drink from Indonesia :D), visited the exhibition & was trained by a funny leadership trainer from Unair Surabaya named Mas Adri xD. We also amazed by the beautiful SURAMADU BRIDGE . The newest island-to-island bridge in Indonesia! It stood between Java and Madura Island, along 5.5 kilometers :)
So, here they are the snaps ^^

FORAGRIN teammates :)

Asih, Mbak Rachma & me! Three wonder women from UGM!

SURAMADU at nite! Marvelous! 

Right before we went back to Jogja, it was the last session we joined



Just can't say it in words :') 

Here some pics around East Java, taken when we were in the back-to-Jogja trip :

Thanks God for giving me a chance to join that event . I hope I can give much more contribution to FORAGRIN next !!

all photos credit to : F.K and mas Jati (for the last photo)


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