My reverend had said to me when the first day I was announced as one of the people who would get baptism on Christmas day, that anything worse could be happened in the time I through the day before getting the baptism on Dec 25th .

And so, it's true! 

Obstacles blocked me on my way to be baptized . I don't know why and how, but I think those are kind of some conditions I must going through, so God knows that one of His child is very very worthy enough to be His servant :) 
Yeah well, the problems are getting bigger each day, but I am sure, in the name of my Lord, JC, nothing should be worried about!! 

Here some of snapshots I took few months ago but forget to be published ..
Latte I ordered in D'cinnamon Bistro

Being an MC on the last session at Retreat PMK FTP . 
Look! Eldwin was caught capturing me too aheey! :p

a beautiful gift from sist Widha.. Thx a lot!!

Menu I ordered at Geronimo Cafe

Strawberry Dorayaki + Ice Cola at Kona Hawaii

On last Sunday, me and my mom went to church and these are what I was wearing ..

Unbranded green flower headband + necklace, Vintage tanks with collar + black cardi,
Friday to Sunday pattern tanks, Hana plum bag, Bluza jeans, Jolie shoes


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