God, Please Remind Me to Say 'Thanks'

Just like the tittle above . I really don't know what should I do while facing all the problems in life recently . I just keep waiting that someone or something will make all those happy in the end  . But, the question is  : Why should I wait when I actually understand the problem and know what I supposed to do...?!?!?
I always fell into the same problem .
and those words belong to the same person too :'(
I'm hoping, REALLY REALLY HOPING, we'll meet again SOON!
So please God, until it happens, remind me to say thanks for all of your blessings everyday (´⌣`ʃƪ)

Yesterday, I tried to burst my mood by doing window shopping at AmPlaz with mum . I wore loose tee from Pretty Rown, black short jeans from Beringharjo Market, choco belt from Day or Night, plum hand bag from Hana & Stella wedges from UP :

And at night I went to church . Still with mum & still with the same tops . I just changed the bottom with vintage skirt & Anjani wedges from UP :


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