C O L O R - M E - O N

Start the new month, April, with a statement : I love something colorful! And I just realized few days ago that the wall paint on my mom's bedroom was sooooo bright! Or maybe because I wore all-green wardrobe so the wall paint became more visible hahaha :D

But I also took some snaps outside my house, at the terrace . By the way, I really love the shirt my mum bought me . It's FRIDAY TO SUNDAY''s, one of my favorite local brands in the town :)

..while the black bracelet is Nicolette's, watch from Casio, the brown flats are Fladeo's, polka bandana from Strawberry and tribal bag from GoGirl magazine... Skirt and belt are vintage :)
Some pics I wanna share too are these..

me and Ayuk.. She's finally making an account on Facebook!
Add her here :)

Seriously FUNNY! Oh, my FACE!! *talk to the mirror*
(was taken at Peacock, used Fem's iPad xp)


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