E for Ehime :) [Part 1]

So, I just have got new friends again from Japan . But they weren't from Osaka City University like last year, they came from EHIME UNIVERSITY in Matsuyama, Japan :)
They consisted of 9 students and 2 senseis (sensei means teacher in japan) . They came on Aug 2nd 2012 and I first met them in the welcome dinner held in House of Raminten Restaurant Jogja . I always talked so much in order to break the ice of awkwardness in each conversation we made . And thank God, there was Megumi, who asked and commented about what I said or explained hahaha . She had ever lived in Canada for 10 months, no wonder her English was good! Because there were only 9 of them, I could remember all their names easily in one night hehehe .

We held a welcome ceremony in my campus on the next day and we also biked around campus to introduce it to them .

On Aug 3rd, they went to Magelang for joining KKN or Kuliah Kerja Nyata . It is an activity where college students live and work together with native people of a village and make some applications due to what they have got in college . I left them there for about 10 days so they could get an experience by living with Indonesian people .
before we off to Magelang
At Dusun Wonodadi, Sawangan, Magelang
But unfortunately, two of them were sick at the first day they reached Magelang . They were immediately taken to the hospital in Jogjakarta and stayed there for 4 days . Me, who was in charge as one of the committees from FTP UGM kept visiting and accompanied them in hospital because the nurses usually didn't talk in English, so due to communication reason, I always be there, as long as I could to help them communicated to the doctor or nurses . I got back at home around 7 or 8 PM .
This is SHOTA . He usually accompanied by my friend, Lyra :) *ehem*
This is AKEBI . I was coming to his room more often than to Shota's,
probably because both of us like to talk so we shared like, anything .
We talked about our campus life, family, and some other stuff :)
Both Shota and Akebi back to the KKN place again after feeling better . And on Aug 14th, we picked them up to go back to Jogjakarta . They said they wanted to live there much more longer as they cried because of what they've learned from living together with the home-owner and also the village society, who most of them were elder people and kids . Well, I have ever been on that feeling too when I was leaving my host family in Saitama Japan to come back to Indonesia few years ago . I REALLY WANT TO GO BACK TO JAPAN! T________T *sobs*
Yuri (right)

Okay, so that's it for the 1st part of my Ehime story . Will be return with the 2nd part as soon as possible ^^v


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