Short Trip to Malang, East Java ~part 3~ [END]

So, this is the last part for my Malang Trip's story . After being a presidium of the Foragrin Congress on the first and a temporary-but-fun teacher on the second day, me and my UGM friends spent 7 hours nonstop in the next day inside the JATIM PARK 2,  from 11 AM - 6 PM (actually until the park was closed hehe) . JATIM PARK 2 (JATIM stands for 'Jawa Timur' or 'East Java') is a complete theme park & it's located not so far from Batu Night Spectacular (has been mentioned in my previous post here) . Inside, there were 2 main buildings & 1 main area . The two buildings were a MUSEUM called "Museum Satwa" & a unique hotel called "Pohon Inn" . While the main area was THE SECRET ZOO . We explored the museum and the zoo . Actually we really wanted to try the hotel BUT we didn't have time . Because as soon as we left the park, we still had schedule to buy souvenirs, had dinner and then should straight back to Jogja immediately TT_________TT

First time I looked the building, it was like an elegant parliament building, same with the one I always saw in the hollywood movies . After stepping inside, I kept saying "WOOOOW..!" over and over again because I was captivated by the artistic of  each diorama . It was sooooo REAL! PLUS, I also felt that the atmosphere of "NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM" film was so high!! Every inch we moved, we always took a picture . That's why we spent approximately 2,5 hours only to look around in the museum! XD


It has been a looooong time since my last visit to the zoo (I guess on last year's Lebaran holiday with my cousins, check the post here) .  I was excited with this BSZ because it shared not only a lot of beautiful & rare animals (the pics of animals I share here is not the rest, these  are only the good pics left hehe) but also many kinds of vehicles and rides! But different with the ones in BNS, vehicles in BSZ were much more challenging hohoho! And the best part was.... THE FERRIS WHEEL !! Kyaaaaaaa.. I LOOOOOVEEEEEE RIDING FERRIS WHEEL~ #childishsecretrevealed ^^v

I do hope to come back there someday~ #amen
Especially to ride the Ferris Wheel again! And because I'm addicted to it, I found this article about Top 10 Ferris Wheel hahaha.. Go read it!
Well, my holiday is still continuing.. if there's a good thing I'm sure I'm gonna post it and let the blog-world know hehe xp

PS: you can see all photos of Malang Trip (that I've been added here and few more that haven't been added) on my facebook's photo album -- Link :*


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