Happy Summer Holidays!

Dear readers, we're now on the second term of 2012 . It's JULY already!
And, that means it's time for ... Summer Holidays!
So, what's your plan for this year's summer?? Have you prepared for something to be worn, to be visited, or to be read maybe?? :)
Well, I hope you all (and me of course) can enjoy the summer holidays!! Honestly, I'm so excited for something delightful in this holiday, though I still have to join the college's "between semesters" program in order to get extra credit for my GPA and manage some stuff for the next campus events where I joined into one of the committees .
The conclusion is... I'm still not FREE yet to welcoming the summer holidays, hmmm :\
But I do really hope everything I handle right now can make a significant progress in a good way, so I won't regret I've spent a little time of my holidays for those things . Ganbarimassu!! Hwaiting!~

Anyways, I wanna share some pics when my friends & I, who involving as the member of External Network Dept., of HIMATIPA, went to Depok Beach to have some fun before the final exam came few weeks ago :)

Fortunately, I started the holidays with a great news that my bro, Champa, had finally graduated from Junior High School with a flawless exam score! And now he is a freshman at SMAN 3 Yogyakarta (as known as one of the most favorite High Schools in my city xp) . Congratulatiooooooon! I remembered it was hard for me to pass that school's grade, my exam score wasn't so high *what a pity* ToT

Hey, do you all remember my novel wish-list that I posted in this blog few months ago?? If you forget, click here . Fyi, I finally bought the 3rd book of "QUEEN OF BABBLE" series by Meg Cabot! Woohooooohooo... I am soooo excited to read it!! Apparently I bought the English edition that hasn't been published here yet ^^ Though I should wait for a month before the novel arrived in my house, I am so thankful I have it now.. Oh, thanks to Periplus . This book store is recommended for you who wanna find import novels like me but confused to choose where to buy . I love their service especially for the low price they gave hihihi.. Hellooooo, it only cost Rp 90.000,00 for an import novel like this : 

Beside those stuff above, this summer was started too by a wedding invitation from my senior, Kak Tata . The wedding reception was held last Saturday, July 7th 2012 . I came with my friends from PMK FTP UGM . Actually I've made a promise to come along with  Tyas & Dhini .There, we were watching the first ceremony too before the guests congratulated the bride & the groom . And the most ENVYING MOMENT was where the two did the WEDDING KISS in front of the guests!
Well, short story we enjoyed the night and we did hope for the best to the couple :D

Wearing  vintage polka dress + vintage chocolate biker jacket +
UP wedges + Hana's plum bag
Cookies I got from the wedding reception! So deliciouuuuusss ^^v

So, last thing I say here >>


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