Short Trip to Malang, East Java ~part 2~

On the 2nd day, there were two agendas . The first one was visiting a village, named TLEKUNG VILLAGE  . There, we were giving socialization to the residents, especially the ladies, about how to make cheese from milk in a simple way without any industrial machine and providing a health center for those who wanted to get a medical check-up . FYI, it's all FREE! :D
We also visited an elementary school (SDN 02 Tlekung) and I turned into a "teacher" for few hours . The kids in my class were so cute and I found them easy to understand of what I said . That made me felt soooo relieved! Hehe! We played the crossword puzzles together, tried to solve some math problems together, sang and danced too! We had a lot of fun times! well, ME HAD! Haha.. ^^v
Here are the snaps :
me, Aldi and Hardi wearing the same tees, ready to take action!!
Don't worry, my blood pressure was normal! ehehehe..
Me and Sis Rachma as ... The Tlekung Girls #eh? xp
With "ma kids" :D
With the teachers and school staffs :D
Morning kiiiidddddzzzz! I'm your new teacher!
Who's ready to PLAAAAY??!! PUT YOUR HAND'S UP!! kkk~ >o<
At night, we went to the #1 most popular tourism spot in Malang nowadays . It's BATU NIGHT SPECTACULAR or BNS!!!! Yaaaayyy to the top!!! >o<
The place was amazing with so many interesting spots to steal some snaps, but we should pay for each vehicle we wanted to ride or enter and the ticket fare wasn't cheap *sobbed* . 
Anyway, I was riding the CRAZY HOUSE for my first vehicle and that was the WRONG DECISION EVER! Because I WAS SCARED TO DEATH UNTIL I COULDN'T STOP SCREAMING + CRYING FOR THE WHOLE 5 MINS (or more I don't remember)! dammit
After that, me and my friends entered the HORROR HOUSE, which wasn't 'horror' enough actually, then moved to the PYRAMID GLASS HOUSE, the SKY-BIKE (it was a great experience to ride that bike because you can see Batu's night view from the top!) and last, the LAMPION GARDEN! \\^____^//

stealing snap with... MERRY-GO-ROUND ^^

Inside the Glass House
The Sky-Bike!! Me with Tikus!

See you next time BNS!! I will miss the memories.. :')
The Gadjah Mada University team -- minus mbak Rahma + mas Agil 

There will still be the story from the 3rd day (the last day), so stay tuned readers!! :*


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