Hey, long time no see!
Who? Yes, YOU!
Seven years without any news and suddenly you appeared in front of me last Monday .
I thought you forgot me . 
But then I knew you're not by asking : "rumahmu masih di jalan wonosari, Ding?" (your home is still in Wonosari street, Ding?) .. and that was surprised me :D
Nothing has changed . If I can frankly say: you are still charming .
With that hat . Yes, your favorite accessories .
Fyi, when you came to that event I giggled . 
I never imagined you showed up again . 
Seven years isn't a short of time . 
I had met a lot of men, and I never thought, in any chance, of going to meet you again .
Call me silly, but you were the first one who introduced me to a feeling called 'love' .
Maybe because a night before I met you, I watched a touchy Thai movie called : Crazy Little Thing Called .. Love .. hahaha 
After that, I never realized your younger sister has ever connected with me too! 
You told me about your family and study in our way back to your house that nite . 
We were riding my 'opink' .

So, S.U, don't you know that I miss you like, forever?? :* 


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