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I was definitely happy when I met you again after few months disappearance . Yep, thanks to the Lord! Anyway, the night went so fast cause we're just hung out for a while at Tonki's and had dinner which were full of laughter and of course, new stories . Well, shortly, I was happy . I AM HAPPY . Knowing you are still the same 'you' . That words, that accent, that acts, that curios, that jokes, that response, that initiative.. no exception to your feeling too.. Yeah, remain the same . I'm still clueless for you .

But, on Sunday, my reverend said that : Pray is not only a magical thing to hope something big, but also a little thing . 

You haven't understood yet what I'm trying for . But, someday you will . That's why, I prayed for you since last night :')

GoGirl! August bonus -- TRIBAL CLUTCH!

Vintage red dress, mommy's stripe dress & cardi, Jolie's goldie  pumps,
RayBan galsses


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