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Dear bloggy-woogy (I don't know why I say this) ,
on last Saturday, July 30th 2011, me and my friends of PMK FTP UGM went to a journey of survey . Why we did that? We wanted to look for a place for the upcoming event of our PMK . Yep! The "solidarity" event!
So, we browsed some places through internet and found THIS PLACE, called "Kebun Buah Mangunan" . It was located +/- 35km from the center of  Jogjakarta .With a botanical garden concept, the place invited us to feel the village sensation & the aroma of fruits in a quite big area! And, we didn't forget to steal some snaps because at the top of the hill , the view was MAGNIFICENT . It was like the wide blue sky could match perfectly with the greenery hills . Well, God is the best!! hahaahaa..

Me, Yayas, Kak Nike, Bocil, Kak Ito, Dandi, Tyas, and Bang Edo

see the rest of the photos here :)
and... this is me >>
Kyaa~ green house! Remind me to my "japanese-oriented" lecture :p

Jeans by Bluza, bag & shoes are gifted from bandung,
vintage shawl & tanks, green tee by Missisippi, Rayban red sunglasses


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