#NCC10 Play Time at Alun-Alun Kidul Jogjakarta

When? >> Saturday night, Aug 13th 2011 
Who?  >> NCC10 (tonki, mell, ipat, luvi., dinda, aji, danny, and me)

main photo!! 8 people in one "unique vehicle" xoxo

have just arrived!

Sasono Hinggil Dwi Abad~

Envy with this pic >_<

the minis!! ahhaha

I'm wearing vintage jeans top & polka midi skirt,
Carvil's gladiator sandals, mum's necklace & bag

Mell's trying to make Dinda smile! Good job!

After playing, we had dinner at NasGorBab Papillon :)
Unfortunately that nite was closed with an unhappy ending for me :(
BUT, I thanked to God who still gave us chance to meet each other .. GO NCC 10!
And that night was much more special because mell and I decided to sleepover at Tonk's! We had some serious girls talks and I discovered something that SURPRISED ME! Thanks to mell and tonk . You're really my sweet besties ƪ(^,^)┐ ƪ(^,^)ʃ ┌(^,^)ʃ


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