Not Just A Gift

Never ever think they will make something like this . BUT THEY DID! and THEY DID IT FOR ME ON MY 20TH BIRTHDAY yesterday :'D

It's such a lovely gift! Thank you my #ODONK! ♥ U ALL FOREVER :*
(though there's a misspell on my name -- GaharuNNi, please!)
And of course, all the people who had involved in the making of this video.. May GOD BLESS YOU..

Here's the recap of people involve in the video : (from the first appearanceDephu, Tikus, Tonki, Nanin, Mimi, Ayuk (the video-maker), Simbah Fem, Pandu, Tinki, Fajar, Mell, Pitek, Rani, Ajik, Luvi (he doesn't have any twitter acc), Tiyak, and Danny \\^________^//


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such a movie-goers


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