A slice time with mum

Friday night, June 24th 2011, my mum took me to Centro . The largest (and most expensive) department store in Jogja . It was located inside the Ambarrukmo Plaza, which is the largest and most popular mall in town!
Well, anyway, actually my mum wanted to buy some ladies stuff, like shoes, glasses, accessories, bag, etc, but not clothes! Okay, I said : go take a look . After you find what you want, tell me . It was a "MIDNIGHT SALE" program that night, started from 8 to 10 PM . The goods would get discount max 75%!! But, until the time was up, my mum & I didn't get ANYTHING to buy!! Yesssss, though the discount was applied to all items, the final price STILL UN-AFFORDABLE for us! yet we should stay there without doing nothing, we chose to go home . Yeah, it was ridiculous, but it became special because it was so rare for me to hang out with my own mother \m/

What did I wear???

*Jeans by BUTI, Tanks by Mango, Choco biker jacket by my Aunt (vintage ^^), Purple Shawl by Nivea bonus, Hi-sneakers by All Star, purse by Japanese Magazine bonus


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