AFS JOGJA's Welcome & Farewell Party 2011

Last Saturday, July 23rd 2011, AFS JOGJA held a Welcome & Farewell Party 2011! That event was dedicated to the participants of AFS, YES, & JENESYS Program that have been getting back from and will leave to the host countries . This year, we have 8 students who will leave and 11 students that back home safely . I can't imagine that this year I've been volunteering in this student exchange organization for almost 3 years!! UNBELIEVABLE! I am hoping I can always make it through the time . Because from its activities I can gain much more friends!! Especially the youngers who will always increase year by year . I also little bit helped the orientation program in the chapter this year . What a smooth progress hehe . So, my 2008/2009 (year of leaving the program) friends that join the party were Ajeng, Zakia, Nadia, and Oli . And of course we had so much fun that night . YEAAAH...
on 2009 :

on 2010 :

and... on 2011 
(only myself, cause still no photos have been uploaded when this post is made):

Vintage collar tanks & banana republic sweater, Harajuku's flowery skirt, Mom's bag,
 Jolie's goldie wedges, and Malioboro's RayBan glasses :)


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