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Long time no update and now I have a HUGE story I wanna tell!
Last June, exactly on 25th - 28th June 2011, my college department got a visitation of 20 students from OCU, Osaka City University, Japan!! And also a professor, named Prof Masaharu Ota :)
Why could I join this program?? Well, actually it was all started when everybody (not mention my lectures), I mean my friends from all classes (2010, 2009, 2008, and up!) knew that I've ever been living in Japan for student exchange activity when I was in High School . So, one of my 'sister', Mbak Tyok, who have known me well since I first joined AFS (the student exchange company), asked me to be one of the "welcome teams" for the OCU students . AND OF COURSE I SAID YESSSSS.. ^^v

Then, after 2 weeks of preparation, I met them officially at the 1st day they came to Jogja . At the welcome dinner that was located in Dixie Restaurant . I became the Master of Ceremony that nite!!! I was fully dressed well in my green batik skirt & a simple white kebaya top, completed by a cute red flower headband and wedges from UP :*

I got 20 new friends from JAPAN . AGAIN! Yayness to the top!! \m/
On Monday, we had a presentation exchange . There were 4 topics : about Production System Laboratory, HIMATIPA, Student daily life, and Disasters that happened between 2 countries . We had so much fun!!!
Monday night, we had a farewell dinner (so soon, isn't it?) and me and my friends a.k.a the UGM team performed a special choir with a popular cartoon song . What was that? DORAEMON!! yep! we sang the Doraemon theme song in 4 different languages, Indonesia, Javanese, Sundanese, and JAPANESE! They were surprised!! Hahahaha... You can watch the video here, but not in full length .
Tuesday was the last day we met . Sad? Obviosly!! But, through the hours, I got much more and more and more closer to them . Especially, the two named Fumi and Yukiyo . They were not only the best two who good in English, but also friendly! Yukiyo and I shared a lot things in common . Like, we are the fans of a japanese boy band called SMAP! And she was incredibly in love with PINK color, that was why she also took a photograph with my OPINK, my scoopy motorbike, which has a pink color too!! Hehehe...
While Fumi, hmm.. he has average physical looking BUT, I thought the way he talked was very attractive . Like, I was so excited every time he asked me or told me something !!

Me & Fumi 

Me & Yukiyo
The best part between me and fumi was when I gave him one of my silly bands . I let him chose the shape that he liked and as what I expected, he chose the HEART-SHAPED silly band!! Kyaa~ *burst in happiness*
On Thursday, June 28th, that was Yukiyo's birthday and I gave her my DORE, the doraemon doll, as a birthday gift and also a reminder of me :))

Want to see another pictures? see here, here, here, here & here! =D

So, now, I just can thank to God . Because of His plan, I can meet them and expand my friendship! I never know when will we ever meet again . But, one thing that I know, we always can keep in touch via social networks . Hopefully it will never end !!

Special Thanks to : Fumi, Yukiyo, Daisuke (the chubby Kempo master), Hide (the most popular boy), Shota (I know you're not a 'charao' :p), Gaki (coooool guy who love reading under the tree), Rihoko (the barbie girl), Haruka (the Hello Kitty lover), Mayumi (the GALS look-a-like), Haruyo & Yukko (the SPLASH dancers), Mitsuki (the gentleman :p), Ryosuke (the good listener), Asuka (the 'flowery' girl), Minami (the 'high heels' girl), Yilun (the chinese girl), Shogo (the tall boy), Saya (the smiley and love-to-laugh girl), Katsuya (Daisuke's best buddy :p), and Kohei (Andrea's crush! *kidding)


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